Class News

15th November 2016

Year 4 enjoyed their visit to Lancaster Infirmary kitchens - see the gallery for some photographs.


Year Four STEM activity

Today Year Four worked cooperatively to make strong bridges out of paper. They learnt how to work together as a group to solve a problem and how to make paper stronger by using layering and folding. Look at the class gallery page to see the pictures.


Chas Jacobs came to visit us and we interviewed him for our biography writing.

Chas Jacobs visit


Making complex sentences with time conjunctions

We have worked at creating complex sentences together.


Illuminated art project October 6th

Year 4 illuminated project



Year 4 are continuing to enjoy their weekly P.E. lesson led by Team Theme. This week they have been perfecting their jumps. Ask your child to show you a 'star jump', 'pencil jump', 'tuck jump' and '180' in sequence!