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Image result for amazon rainforestLook at these sites for information about the Amazon Rainforest:

Rainforest Habitats (The Schoolrun)

BBC Bitesize - Rainforest

Science for Kids - The Amazon Rainforest

Science Kidz - Amazon Facts

Use these sites to help with the homework tasks:

Annual Rainfall in the Amazon
How to make a cress head
Rainstorm with hands


 Some useful sites for our topic on 'Inventors and Inventions'

   1001 Inventions

BBC Bitesize - Forces - Islam's Golden Age

                                 BBC Bitesize - Golden Age of Islam

                                Ducksters - The Early Islamic World

                              The Invention of Hugo Cabret



 Here are some sites that might be useful to support our work for the unit 'Earthlings'

BBC Bitesize

NASA for Kids

DK Space

European Space Agency for Kids

Tim Peake


Image result for anglo saxonsHere are some useful sites to find out ore about our topic of The Anglo Saxons:

                                                                                    BBC Bitesize

                                                                           Primary Homework Help

                                                                        National Geographic for Kids