The Governing Board is an integral part of the leadership of a school, enabling strategic direction, robust accountability, assurance and oversight of the financial and educational performance of the leadership team. Governors work collaboratively with the Headteacher, school staff, Lancaster Diocese and the the Local Education Authority to realise the mission statement.


The Headteacher is responsible for the day to day management of the school; the Board of Governors has an important strategic oversight in three core areas:

 Setting Strategic Direction 

• Clarity of vision and Ethos 

• Engaging stakeholders 

•Ensuring statutory duties are met 


Ensuring Accountability

 • Accountability for teaching, achievement, behaviours and safety

 • Strengthening and supporting school leadership 

• Performance managing the Headteacher 

• Contributing to school self-evaluation 


Maintaining Financial Probity 

• Enabling financial efficiency 

• Monitoring resources and challenging budgets


Each year, the governors are required to prepare a report for parents giving an account of the way they have discharged their duties towards the school.

Governor Information