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On Wednesday 4th and Thursday 5th May, The Cathedral School was subject to a Section 5 Ofsted Inspection. We are delighted to share the final report with you.

The school has improved in its overall grading, moving from ‘Requires Improvement’ to ‘Good’ which is a fantastic achievement in less than 2 years. We were awarded ‘Good’ judgements in all areas which reflects the views of the Governors and school leaders, as reported in our Self Evaluation Document.

We are incredibly proud of the hard work put into making the changes that resulted in the recognition of improvement, particularly that of staff and children. The whole staff team has worked together to make and implement decisions that would better enable them to teach and consequently, the children to learn. They have done this with the Mission Statement of the school at the heart of each decision and the knowledge that they were doing what was best for the children in our school; their efforts have been justly rewarded by the recognition of the Inspectors and some of the lovely comments included in the report. The children have adapted to the changes that have been implemented and have risen to the challenge of higher expectations; they arguably deserve the highest praise of all. The Lead Inspector, Mr Gornall, described our children as ‘sponges’ who came to school eager and ready to learn and was very impressed by their behaviour and excellent manners around school.

Although the Inspection brings to an end the process of ‘getting to Good’, we do not see this as the end of our journey of improvement, rather as confirmation that the decisions and actions we have taken so far have been the right ones for the school and an opportunity to refocus our attentions. The Governing Body and the school will shortly be drawing up the School Improvement Priorities for the 2016/2017 which will address some of the areas for development raised by Ofsted as well as items that we have identified ourselves. We will share these priorities with you in September as we move forward together, continually reflecting on our practice and improving our provision to ensure that we offer our children the best education and the best care that we possibly can.

Our final note of thanks must go to you as parents. You choose to send your children to The Cathedral School and trust us each day to provide a quality education. Our job is not an easy one and it would be much harder without your support. A particular note of thanks goes to the parents who took the time to complete the online questionnaire or meet with the Inspectors.

We hope that you are as proud of our school as we are.


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