Our School Councillors 2018-19


Heysham Beach Clean

Continuing our work on plastic pollution, the School Council went to Ocean Edge at Heysham to take part in a litter picking session. All litter was collected and sorted into plastics and non-plastics.

After lunch was some relaxation on the playground, followed by a workshop run by the Heysham Nature Reserve. They had seen our school film on plastic pollution (see link below) and showed it to the whole group of schools that were there. We're famous!

Plastic Pollution Workshops

The School Council followed on their Pupil Parliament meeting by leading a school event. Watch our video to see how this is impacting on us as a school.


School Council visit to Pupil Parliament at the Vale of Lune

Members of the School Council attended the latest Pupil Parliament meeting where they learnt all about plastic pollution and ways to improve the amount of plastic we waste. They took part in lots of activities and will be teaching other members of the school about what they learnt by carrying out workshops.


Pupil Parliament Nov 18

Inspector Ted Visits School

School Council invited Inspector Ted to come and visit Cathedral Catholic Primary School from Lancaster Police Station. On his first day he helped some children have their school photographs taken. He loved explaining to Reception and Year 1 all about a Police Officers role and enjoyed lots of cuddles during circle time. He visited the classrooms and reminded the children about being a good citizen. In year 4 he even took part in a music lesson!

Inspector Ted Visits School