Teaching Assistants

Mrs Blamire

E.Y.F.S – Reception Class
Responsible for: Outdoor Learning (EYFS)

Miss Gardner

Year 6 / English Interventions
Responsible for: Reading and Writing Support, Lunchtime Supervisor.

Mrs Haywood

E.Y.F.S – Reception Class
Responsible for: EAL (EYFS), Lunchtime Supervisor.

Miss Martindale

E.Y.F.S / Year 1

Mrs Mclaughlin

Nurture and Family Support
Nurture, Family Support, Lunchtime Supervisor

Miss Nolan Barnes

Year 3
Responsible for: Phonics Support, Lunchtime Supervisor, Out of School Club

Mrs Norris

Year 1 / Reading Interventions
Responsible for: Continuous Provision (Year 1 / EYFS)

Mrs Nott

1:1 Support - Year 1
Responsible for: 1:1 Pupil Support (Year 1), Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs Parker

Year 5
Responsible for: Phonics & Reading support, Year 5 Class Support

Mrs Szleszynska

Year 4 / EAL & Maths Interventions
Responsible for: Maths Support, Year 4 Class Support, Lunchtime Supervisor.