Year 1 learn the The Lighthouse Keepers Tea

We have had a very exciting morning in year 1. First we listened to the beginning of The Lighthouse Keepers Tea. In small groups we freeze framed different parts. Finally we re read the story altogether using actions to reinforce the wonderful story. Children became all sorts of people and objects from the story, some children were spoons, bowls, a mess and birds. 


The Lighthouse Keepers Tea

  • Mr and Mrs Grinling lived with their cat, in a house on the cliff.
  • Some days Mr Grinling was the lighthouse keeper.
  • Some days Sam was the lighthouse keeper.
  • On his days off Mr Grinling got very bored.
  • "I am going to learn how to cook" said Mr Grinling.
  • After he tried cooking he decided it was far too messy.
  • So he decided to try bird watching.

Posted by Rachel Cook on 1 July 2016

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