A stitch back in time...

Year 6 have been developing their DT skills this week.   In particular, they have designed their own Ancient Egyptian cross-stitch sampler and are well away with the stitching!


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Simo dicit...

"Simo dicit sedete..."

Or "Simon says sit down"!

In order to help practice and remember Latin verbs, Year 6 had fun playing this simple game.

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Are you my mummy?!

Year 6 have started their latest history topic: Ancient Egypt!

First we tried to remember everything we've already been taught, read or watched in films and documentaries!


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Tyger Tyger!

The Year 6s have been hard at work last week, exploring the William Blake classic poem, Tyger! Tyger!

It even inspired our very own Cadi to paint this amazing piece for our classroom!

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Year 6 have kicked off their science this term by examining and exploring the human body.

Do you know your spleen from your kidney? 

Can you tell apart your pancreas from your large intestine?

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Y6 Work & Wealth Week 2020

Year 6 has had a great start to the new year by enjoying our Work & Wealth Week!

They have discussed, persuaded, agreed, disagreed and compromised over the allocation of funds generated from tax and National Insurance contributions and enjoyed researching and learning about different careers…

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Cathedral on Ice

Year 6 finished the 2019 enjoying a 2-hour lesson on Lancaster's Ice Rink!

There were lots of slips and slides, wet clothes and numb fingers but we really enjoyed ourselves!


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Year 6 have had a great time with their DT project - testing, tasting, designing and making their own chocolate feast bars just in time for Christmas!

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