Y6 Inspired Art

Year 6 were inspired (by Mr Hodder creating wind and rain effects) to paint a scene from the life of St Peter. Using watercolours, the children thought about stormy seascapes as featured in the lives of the disciples Peter and Paul during their time with Jesus.

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Year 6 are enjoying their University of Cumbria sporting sessions!

From fitness to collaborative games, they did it all and had a whale of a time too!


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The Mass that's not a Mass Mass

Year 6 loved participating in the Mass that wasn't a Mass Mass on Tuesday!  We learnt so much and t was really interesting to get a good up-close look at everything crucial to celebrate mass.  A huge thank you to Father John Paul and Mrs Dickinson for arranging the…

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Simo dicit...

"Simo dicit sedete..."

Or "Simon says sit down"!

In order to help practice and remember Latin verbs, Year 6 had fun playing this simple game.

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Are you my mummy?!

Year 6 have started their latest history topic: Ancient Egypt!

First we tried to remember everything we've already been taught, read or watched in films and documentaries!


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Tyger Tyger!

The Year 6s have been hard at work last week, exploring the William Blake classic poem, Tyger! Tyger!

It even inspired our very own Cadi to paint this amazing piece for our classroom!

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Year 6 have kicked off their science this term by examining and exploring the human body.

Do you know your spleen from your kidney? 

Can you tell apart your pancreas from your large intestine?

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