Digital Footprint

Year Six have had a busy week - first they acted as internet sleuths; researching some fictional classmates whilst examining their digital footprint.

Then they quizzed Father Stephen on his choices and journey to becoming a priest as part of our RE Vocation lessons.

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Preparing for Mass

It was lovely to be joined by Father John Paul to start planning our Year 6 mass.

The children all had some creative and clear ideas of how they wanted to celebrate mass in our classroom.

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Grub's Up!

Year 6 finished this half-term with a Bushtucker Challenge!

We ate mealworm, grubs, crickets, bugs, kidney, liver, sheep's eyes and worst of all...prunes!

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Bird Beaks & Chocolate Drops!

Today Year 6 experimented with various different tools to replicate the adaptation of birds and their beaks!  we tried 'eating' chocolate drops using a toothpick, peg, spoon and lolly stick - to represent a humming bird, duck, pelican and wader.

Oh, and look who finally joined us! Welcome…

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'Owls that?!

What a great morning!

Paul from Horus Birds of Prey visited us with four of his wonderful owls and we learnt a lot about adaptation of a supreme predator!

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Year 6 @ Lancaster Library

Year 6 had a great field-trip today; spotting evidence of Sir Richard Owen (inventor of the word 'dinosaur') around the city, visiting Lancaster library for a tour, updating our library cards and researching Mary Anning (Victorian fossil hunter)!


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Year 6 Camouflage Science

Year 6 have been investigation the effects of adaptation and camouflage!  Inspired by the Peppered Moth we have  experimented with a mutation to make us less obvious to hungry birds!


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New Head Girl and Boy

Congratulations to our new Head Girl and Boy!

Applications were of a very high standard this year and Mrs Holt enjoyed reading through them all.

Congratulations too, to our Deputy Head Girl and Boy as well as all our other star pupils.  We wish them well with their new roles and…

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Caught Counting

Year 6 enjoyed the late summer sunshine this week by exploring an amazing maths trail throughout the school. 

Who knew calculations could be so much fun?!

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