Our World

As the start of our topic Food Glorious Food, Year 5 started their geography work by creating their own maps of the world from memory, this was a fantastic lesson with lots of discussion about where we have been and where we have come from. At the end of the unit the children will be posting their…

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Year 5 Girls Football

The girls in year 5 did us proud this week with a fantastic effort in the Girls Football Competition.

The Girls improved through the tournament and worked together to score a goal that was described by a spectator as 'phenomenal'.

Well done girls we are very proud of you.

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National Poetry Day in Year 5

To celebrate National Poetry Day, Year 5 learnt 'Sick' by Shel Silverstein. You can watch our recital HERE.


Thank you to all the parents who came listen to all the poems presented live by the different classes. 

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Researching Britain

As part of our Topic - A Kingdom United, we have been researching the capital cities of each country in the United Kingdom.

We compared the sizes and looked at what the different cities are famous for.

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Look at these wonderful cress heads grown as part of this term's project learning. Each cress head has its own face!

Very well done!

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Year 4 at Castlerigg

Year 4 have had a wonderful time at Castlerigg, near Keswick in the beautiful Lake District. Scroll down to see all our photos of what we got up to!

Our retreat focused on the theme of 'Listen' which included lots of activities both inside and outside, leading up to a very special Mass in…

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Exploring Plants

Year 4 have been studying pants - parts of the plant and also how nutrients are transported around the plant.

We dissected plants and organised the different parts...

...and then we set up an experiment using celery and coloured water. It was left for five days and observations taken…

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Father's Day in Year 4

This afternoon, fathers joined in activities involving a times tables challenge and then a team activity  using mini marshmallows and cocktail sticks to create the tallest structure possible. Slightly sticky, quite noisy but good fun!

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Year 4 A Journey Into Love

This week, as the start of our HRE learning, we have been reflecting on what makes us different, special and unique. We listened to part of Psalm 139: 'For you created me and made me, kept me safe within my mother's womb,' and then we investigated how a baby develops in the womb from conception to…

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Telling the time in the Sun

As part of our science work on 'Light and Shadows', we made sundials and tested them. Once we had found north, (and the wind stopped blowing!) the sundials told the time correctly (around 2.30pm).

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