Saving Lives Swimming Week 2

This week we swam in our PJ's and doing safety learning in case we fall in a canal,river or a lake.

Last week and this we have been learning about water safety in our pj's and socks.

We used woggles to act like sticks and life rings.

We also stood, put our hands in and two of us sat in…

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Life Saving!

Year 5 spent their swimming lesson today learning vital life saving skills. The children used their clothes to help save their partner and pull them in to shore.

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Wealth And Work Week

We had lots of fun workshops and visitors for wealth and work week. As part of Wealth and Work week we investigated budgets that councils and government have to spend on services like Education and Health, one of our challenge this week was to create a budget and try to give money to those who…

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Christmas Party Food

In class this week we have been creating party food to make for an extra Christmas Party.

We worked to brief to make sure everyone was able to have at least two items of party food.

We worked in teams of 10 and made individual mini pizza, stuffed Yorkshire puddings and home made spring…

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Year 5 are dissolving!

We have been invstiating how different materials dissolve in water, creating a solution. Today we experimented to see how different powders/granuals dissolved in water - coffee, jelly powde, flour and salt. First, obersations were made after just adding the water, then we tried stirring things up…

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We have been busy today researching some scientists that had changed something in our lives to make it better, we found out that some of their break through ideas were actually mistakes

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Class Mass

Today we celebrated Mass in Class with Fr. Steven. The class loved having Fr. Steven in class and enjoyed finding out some of the different things that make Mass special. Thank you Fr. Steven.

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