Baptism in Year 4

This week, Year 4 role-played a Baptism as part of our learning in RE. Here are our proud parents and godparents holding the baby wrapped in a white shawl and the Baptism candle.

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'Follow Me'

Today, Year Four led the school and some of our parents and grandparents in reflecting on being chosen to be followers of Jesus. They reminded us that Jesus calls us everyday to continue his mission of sharing God's love with others. Well done and thank you, Year Four. 

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Year 4 Rolling

Year 4 have been learning and practising different types of rolls in gymnastics. Our best egg (but no bacon!) rolls, pencil rolls and teddy bear rolls are shown below.

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Y4 Down At T'Mill

Linked to our current Science and DT work using elecricity, we had a fantastic day out at Heron Corn Mill at Beetham. The morning was spent looking around the old mill that has been using the river to power the machinery for grinnding flour for 300 years. To bring us right up to date, we then saw…

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Year 4 Prayer

Year 4 prayed part of the Rosary today. We especially pray the Rosary during October and we ask Mary to pray with us. We prayed for children throughout the world.

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Y4 Making Single Line Portraits

Today, we had a go at making single line portraits using art pens.

This is when you draw a face without taking your pen off the paper until you have finished - much easier said then done! The results were really very good as you can see...

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National Poetry Day in Year 4

To celebrate National Poetry Day, Year 4 learnt The Owl and the Pussy Cat by Edward Lear. You can watch our recital HERE.


Thank you to all the parents who came listen to all the poems presented live by the different classes. 

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Y4 Local Litter Look

As part of our geography topic, Year 4 went on a local walk to look for litter today. We didn't have far to go. The majority of litter was found on Balmoral Road and was plastic. We will be considering what we can do to tackle the issue of plastic waste over the next few weeks.


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Year 4 Reasoning

Mrs Beveridge and Mrs Dickinson have been impressed with Year 4's ability to use column addition and apply it to problem-solving and reasoning questions like those shown above.

Well done, Year Four!

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