We are all unique

Today in Year 5 we decided to make the most of the beautiful weather and take our RE lesson outside. 

We have been thinking about how Christians value the uniqueness of every individual and how we are all important members of our class, school and Church communities. 

We passed around…


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Hunting for Rivers!

As part of our topic on rivers, we have been using atases to find some of the world's most famous rivers. From the Ganges to the Amazon, from the Nile to the Yangtze, the children have been looking where they are and what countries they flow through (from source to river mouth). Next will be to…

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Year 4 Class Worship

Year 4 led the school and their parents and grandparents beautifully during this afternoon's time of prayer. The theme was forgiveness and they reminded us of the importance of saying sorry and being forgiven in building relationships with God and each other. They led us in a lovely reflection of…

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Improvisation in Year 4

Today Year 4 used glockenspiels to improvise a simple melody during the instrumental phase of this term's song, "Lean on Me". Their skills of playing and improvising a melody to fit to a given rhythm have really improved over this term. Well done, Year 4!

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KS2 Learning About the Mass

Yesterday, Father John-Paul and pupils in Year 6 led Key Stage 2 in learning about the Mass. Father John Paul showed us the special vestments he wears when he celebrates Mass. Following this, Father John-Paul and Year 6 led us through the different parts of the Mass, explaining the significance of…

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Water Everywhere in Year 4

This half term's theme is very topical - "Water, Water, Everywhere!" In science, we will be learning about the water cycle and this will link to our geography rivers topic. Our English learning is based on the story, 'The Mousehole Cat' and this will be followed by information writing about…

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Y4 Reflect on 'Jesus Calms the Storm'

This week, as part of our learning about the Mass, Year 4 dramatised and reflected on different Bible stories. Here is a group acting out the story of 'Jesus calms the storm' just before the disciples wake Jesus up in the boat. Try and find time to ask your child what they have learnt about the…

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Y4 Pilgrimage

Today, Year 4 class represented our school during the pilgrimage of the statue of Our Lady of Walsingham. The statue of Mary has been around the country on a pilgrimage, and is in Lancaster for three days. 

Eighteen schools listened to the background and history of the state and then toured…

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Y4 Unity in the Community Poetry

This week, in response to a poetry competition launched by the Mayor of Lancaster, we have been reflecting on what creates 'unity in the community' and children in Year 4 have composed some thoughtful poems - here is a selection:

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Skulls, Teeth and Science

Year 4 have been learning about teeth and how different animals have adapted their teeth depending on what sort of food they eat (carnivore, herbivore or omnivore).

Matching the skull to the animal was a challenge, but we got there in the end!

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Year 4 and the Alps

Year 4 are learning about the Alps this half term. This week, they used the information they found during research to draw a diagram showing the climate zones in the Alps. Well done, Year 4!

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