Back in Time...

Year 3 had been learning about schools and writing in Latin lessons, so they made their own seals in clay. Each made an individual seal that was unique to them. 

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Jammin' in year 3

Year 3 had an impromtu jamming session with Mr Hodder as part of the Charanga work they have been doing on Bob Marley and reggae music.  They sang 'Three Little Birds' together.

Later this term they hope to give a performance in the hall. 

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Sorting Rocks

Year 3 have been learning all about rocks, and this week we sorted them into Sedimentary, Igneous and Metamorphic. We were really good at recognising the properties of different rocks!

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Making a mess with Playdoh in Year 3

On Friday, Year 3 made a terrible mess in the classroom when we built skeletons of the 3D shapes. We had some really good pyramids and cubes in particular. Thank you to the children who stayed behind at Lunch to help clean up!

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Creating shadows in Year 3

Year 3 have been exploring light and shadows in STEM week. We now know that light travels in straight lines, and we know the meaning of the terms opaque, translucent and transparent. We had lots of fun finding things around the classroom that we could test with our torches, and we also used…

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National Poetry Day in Year 3

To celebrate National Poetry Day, Year 3 learnt 'The Boy Who Never Told  A Lie' by Isaac Watts. You can watch our recital HERE.


Thank you to all the parents who came listen to all the poems presented live by the different classes. 

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