Year 4 Home and School RE Learning

It has been wonderful to read the children's letters which show their RE learning this week. They got into role as one of the first disciples of Jesus and wrote a letter to their mother to tell her where they had gone. Well done to everyone who tried so hard with this task at home - it is great to…


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Year 4 Christmas Dinner

Year 4 had a lovely lunchtime today. The Christmas dinner was AMAZING - turkey, sausage, roast and mash potatoes, cabbage, sprouts, carrots, swede and even a sneaky Yorkshire pudding hiding under the gravy! We all enjoyed our lunch and a little bit of extra time together in the hall, for a change.…

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Outdoor Carol Singing with Year 4

This week, Key Stage 2 classes have enjoyed preparing, rehearsing and recording short reflections on different parts of the Nativity story. The highlight for each class was being able to sing a Christmas carol together outside. We hope to make our reflections available for you to watch on our…

prayer and liturgy

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Playing like the Romans

Today we learnt how to play the Roman game of Rota - simple to play but takes a good level of strategy and skill to become a master! We will be holding rounds to find who are the champion players in the class... the challenge is on!

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Year 4 Stay Safe Online

Year 4 have been learning about online safety in computing this half term. They have learnt the SMART rules shown in the image above and have used Purple Mash to produce a poster to tell others how to stay safe online. For more information about the SMART rules, go to  

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Y4 Making Music

As part of our 'Sound' topic we have been looking at pitch. The challenge this morning was to make instruments that could play at different pitches when we blew, twanged, shook or hit them. 

A noisy but fun morning!

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Year 4 Investigate String Telephones

As part of our STEM week learning about sound, Year 4 investigated how to make string telephones and explored how they work. They understand that sounds are produced by vibrations and that these vibrations can travel through air, solids and water. Well done, Year 4!

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Learning about the Qur'an in Year 4

Year 4 have enjoyed learning about the Qur'an and its significance for Muslims in RE this week. We particularly enjoyed listening to some of our class members who shared their own experiences and showed us some of the religious objects they use as part of their faith practice.

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Gymnastics in Year 4

Today, Year 4 enjoyed exploring different ways of rolling then working in small groups to compose sequences of moves including balancing, rolling, jumping and travelling. Well done, Year 4 - a very energetic lesson!

Sport & P.E.

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