Football Coaching

Year 5 have had a bit of excitement this week! It may have rained, it may have been cold, but we had a great time with football coach Dan. We had a fabulous time learning new skills such as rainbow flicks, keeping the ball up in the air and controlling a dropped ball. 


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Figure Sketching

“Today in art we have been sketching real life figures. We have been trying to show life like qualities without using facial expressions. We posed our figures and then we sketched them with different sketching pencils.” Robyn

“It was a bit difficult to draw legs when they are bent.”…

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Imagining History - A Viking Raid

Year 5 were transported back in time and became Vikings for the afternoon! We learnt how to put together a successful Viking raid against the Saxons and created our own timeline of the Viking era. 

In the photographs you can see us making a Longship, learning about navigation methods and…

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