Year 6 Slavery Tour of Lancaster

Image of Year 6 Slavery Tour of Lancaster

Year 6 braved the wind and rain on Monday to participate in a Lancaster Slavery Tour.  Building on our learning from last term, the children explored the sights and sounds of our city and made links to our colonial past.

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Bird Beak Experiment

Image of Bird Beak Experiment

Year 6 followed up their learning on adaptation at the Butterfly house with a cheeky chocolate experiment.  We tested which beak type would be best to help survive on Hodder Island (which is filled entirely with chocolate buttons!).


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Year 6 Brilliant Butterfly House Visit!!

Image of Year 6 Brilliant Butterfly House Visit!!

Year 6 had a special treat this week, as we visited the Butterfly House in Williamson's Park.  We met a lot of different animals as part of our Science topic on adaptation, including Drago the blue-tonged skink, Mike the bearded dragon and Raymond the tortoise...oh and not forgetting Gary the…

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Year 6 Walker Art Gallery

Image of Year 6 Walker Art Gallery

Year 6 really enjoyed their visit to the Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool last week.  We explored each of the galleries, viewing paintings from the pre-Raphaelites to post-war modernism before selecting our favourite work of art to sketch in our art books as part of a "floor…

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Why has a camel got a hump?

Image of Why has a camel got a hump?

Why has a camel got a hump?  Why do both penguins and polar bears have webbed feet?

How can a cactus survive in the desert?

Well, if you ask Year 6 they can tell you as they explored how animals and plants can adapt to their location by making changes to their bodies and behaviours!

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