Seasonal Changes

Today we went for a Nature Walk. We were looking for things that had changed since our walk in September. We saw berries on the bushes, orange leaves and some bare trees. We also had to wear our coats because it was colder.


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We are super scientists

In science we have been developing our observation and prediction skills. We have been looking carefully at bulbs and deciding what we think they will grow into.

We also went on a Nature Walk to see what was growing at this time of year.



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Robot poems in Year 1

Today year 1 read some Robot poems and discussed what we liked about them, we had to include the word because in our sentences. Then we preformed the poem using simple actions and we had to think about our tone of voice. 


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Animal Care in Year 1

Year 1 were lucky enough to have a visit from Bumble and Martin who are from Animal Care. All the children (and teachers) learnt all about caring for different animals and they even got to stroke and meet Bramble. It was a fantastic fun afternoon! Thank you very much for your time Martin and…

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Year 1 Computing

In computing this week, the children have been creating their own algorithm list so Red Riding Hood can reach Grandma's house. They then went onto change and extend some of their commands.

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