Cooking up a storm!

Having tasted different ingredients, we now selected the ones we liked best to each make a pasta sauce. Then came the fun bit...eating it! A great way to end the week.

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Science Top Trumps

Following up on our work on food chains, Year 4 made Top Trump cards for producer, predators and prey. It was great fun to create the cards and even more fun to play afterwards!

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Harvest Celebration

It was wonderful to celebrate harvest as a school yesterday. Year 4 led us in reflecting on a passage from Matthew's Gospel:

This reading comes from the Gospel of Matthew

One day, Jesus was talking to his friends and he said:

One of these days I will say:

“When I was hungry, you gave…

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Y4 Food Tasting

Today, Year 4 tasted a range of different foods that might be included in a pasta sauce...which we will be making in a few weeks time! Anchovies and olives where the most controversial, however several children found out they enjoyed a range of foods they hadn't had before.

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Y4 Go in Search of Romans

Today, Year 4 dodged the rain and visited Lancaster City Museum and the Roman Ruins below the Castle to back up our history work this term.

In the museum, the children really explored the Romans exhibits to complete a quiz, then at the ruins, they sketched the Bath House, thought about how it…

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Year 4 Football Training

Year 4 had a wonderful football session this morning, led by Dan Lofthouse from OLCC. We practised different ways of stopping and sending the football, using different parts of our feet. We were so busy we didn't even notice the rain!

Sport & P.E.

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Year 4 - A Talented Class!

As part of their learning in RE and PSHE, Year 4 have been thinking about their talents. What a talented group of children they are! Talents include dancing, singing, reading, running, talking, maths, caring for others. We read a letter from Pope Francis which urges young people to think about how…

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Messy Digestion!

In Science, we were investigating how our bodies absorb certain parts of our food and get rid of waste! We did this by creating a 'stomach' and passing it through 'intestines'. (Good thing it was only Cola and bread!!) Messy but good fun!

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Wheelchair Basketball

What a treat we had today! A world champion wheelchair basketball player, Nat Pattinson, came into school to show us how to play wheelchair basketball. The children (and some teachers!) had great fun using the wheelchairs to move around the playground, dodging each other to try to get the ball…

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Welcome Year 4!

It is lovely getting to know our new Year 4 children who have made a great impression so far. This week, we have been finding out about our talents and reflecting on how we can use them to help each other. What a talented class Year 4 are - we have singing, reading, football, maths, listening,…

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