Dictionary activity

This morning in the Key Stage 1 bubble we explored how to use a dictionary.

Questions you could answer at home:

Can you find the words which start with the letter P?
Can you find a word starting with the letter C?

Can you find the definition for the word…

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Food tasting in Year 1

As part of our Year 1 Design and Technology work we have been trying different fruits. This week we had to cut, taste, feel and smell; grapes, kiwis, apples and bananas. We also had to research interesting facts about these fruits as well. 


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In literacy we are reading the story The Gigantic Turnip, in this story the old man and old lady sow vegetable seeds. In science today we have looked at seeds and we are going to watch them grow in the classroom.


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Year 1 learn about the Mass

Today in RE Year 1 learnt about the Mass. As a class we recreated the offertory, which meant children walked down the aisle carrying bread, wine, the collection of money and a candle. When they got to the priest he took it off them to turn the bread into Jesus body and the wine into Jesus…

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Year 1 Trip to Williamson Park

We had a great trip to Williamson Park to visit the Butterfly house and Bug house. During our visit we had chance to meet some of the animals that live there and ask questions about them. Click 'read more' to see photos of our trip.

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