Y4 Singing Festival

Image of Y4 Singing Festival

Last night, Year 4 joined with 7 other schools for the School's Singing Festival. We had an amazing night and all the 12 songs we learnt sounded wonderful in the Town Hall. Thank you for all the support we got from parents - we hope you enjoyed watching as much as we enjoyed performing!

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Y4 Celebrating Neurodiversity

Image of Y4 Celebrating Neurodiversity

As part of Neurodiversity Awareness Week, Year 4 have been looking at how we all learn in different ways, especially if you have challenges to learning that have a label, such as ADHD, Dyslexia or Autism.

To try and show this awareness, we spent the afternoon making posters to represent the…

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Y4 Walking for Lent

Image of Y4 Walking for Lent

As part of our aim to walk 200km to raise money for CAFOD in Lent, Year 4 walked 28 of them!

We all walked up to Williamson Park, around the Ashton Memorial and back down to school. It was such a lovely thing to do in the sunshine.

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As Light As Air??

Image of As Light As Air??

Does gas have weight?

To explore this concept in science this week, the children weighed fizzy drinks, stirred out the gas and then weighed it again. There were some convincing results that showed us that gas does not have a large mass, but it does weigh a bit!

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Y4 Dancing in The Streets (well, Our Lady's!)

Image of Y4 Dancing in The Streets (well, Our Lady's!)

Today, Year 4 went to Our Lady's Catholic College to take part in the 'Mowtown Sounds' Primary Dance Show.

Eight primary schools from the area took part and our dance was one of the amazing displays of talent, enthusiasm and enjoyment that parents came to enjoy at the end of the day.


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Y4 Debate the Tudors

Image of Y4 Debate the Tudors

During the school History Day, Year 4 explored the Tudors.

We started off looking at who were the Tudors and ordering them in a timeline. Then we researched the monarchs and wrote a piece "Who was the beast Tudor monarch?" There was definitely different points of view and some interesting ideas…

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High Energy in Year 4!

Image of High Energy in Year 4!

Year 4 had a high-energy day today when we were visited by the guys from Tanzii TV. After a warm-up session at the start of the day, we took part in whole-school activities, an afternoon session with Year 5, and we even had a session in the classroom that was filmed for the Tanzii TV YouTube…

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Year 4 'Dancing in the Streets'

Image of Year 4 'Dancing in the Streets'

Year 4 have been busy composing and practising a dance to the music 'Dancing in the Streets'. This includes a combination of whole class sequence, paired work and group dance moves. They are showing a great sense of rhythm! Parents and carers will have the opportunity to watch their dance at a…

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Anglo Saxon Visits Year 4

Image of Anglo Saxon Visits Year 4

This afternoon, Year 4 were treated to a  visit from an Anglo Saxon. We have learnt lots about the Anglo Saxons already, so it was great to meet one! She told us the story of Beowulf, we 'built' a house, recreated invasions, made new settlements, investigated artefacts and even learnt to fight…

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All About Sounds in Year 4

Image of All About Sounds in Year 4

In science our topic has been about 'sound'. We've explored how sound travels, how we hear, and how sound can be altered through volume and pitch. We've had some very noisy lessons, including making string telephones to explore vibrations, and 'flutes' that play at different pitches - our…

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Everything Polish in Year 4

Image of Everything Polish in Year 4

Year 4 had a wonderful day of learning about Poland for our school geography day today. We began by using atlas skills to find out about Poland then children worked in pairs to carry out further research using laptops. In groups, children used their research and worked together well to produce…

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