Spellings this term

Image of Spellings this term

We are going to be using the spelling scheme of work on Purple Mash to improve our spellings in Year 2. Each day we will work through the spelling programme in class and all Y2 children will have to-do's set on their Purple Mash accounts. Your child's login details are in their reading record…

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New playtime equipment

Image of New playtime equipment

We have new play equipment for the Infant playground and today we got it all out to try it and make sure we understand how to use it all. We have mini stilts, cone and ball sets, velcro catch ball sets, hula skippers and scoop racqets. We're going to enjoy playtimes!

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Castle Visit

Image of Castle Visit

Today we visited the Castle which is the setting for our story that we are writing in class. Our story is the follow up to George and the Dragon by Chris Wormell. We thought about where George the mouse and the Princess would play, where the dragon would leave the cheese to distract them and how…

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BEWARE the dragon!

Image of BEWARE the dragon!

Year 2 successfully performed their poem BEWARE the dragon at the poetry performance this afternoon! We put lots of expression into our recital as well as using dynamics to add some drama. As always, we used actions to help us remember the words. Everyone's lips were moving and we did ourselves…

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Firefighter visit

Image of Firefighter visit

The Lancashire Fire and Rescue team came in to visit Year 2 today. They showed us lots if information and videos about staying safe at home and about what to do in the event of a fire. The children got to wear the firefighter's outfits and take part in role play situations.

The children all…

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Fun in the Snow!

Image of Fun in the Snow!

When you're 6 or 7, all learning has to stop when it snows because it doesn't happen very often!!! Today was one of those days and Y2 went straight out with Mrs Copsey as soon as the snow started falling! We ran around, made pictures with our footprints and the braver children even had a go at…

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Chinese New Year

Image of Chinese New Year

Today we were visited by very special guests who came to share new year greetings with us! They taught us Chinese celebration songs, told us about the year of the rabbit and taught us all to say 'Xīn nián hǎo', which means Happy New Year in Mandarin. Tim and Lily could already speak some Mandarin…

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Christmas pudding cakes

Image of Christmas pudding cakes

After doing a writing comprehension on how to make Christmas pudding cakes Y2 decided to follow the recipe and actually make the cakes. Here's how they turned out and they were DELICIOUS!

If you want to make them at home here's what you'll need

50g rice crispies cereal

100g cooking…

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Nativity performance

Image of Nativity performance

Year 2 very proudly took part in the nativity performance this week having the very important role of narrators. They took their role very seriously and read beautiful using the microphone independently and putting lots of expression into their reading. Some of our children also played musical…

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Wheels and axles

Image of Wheels and axles

Today we have been using our design and technology skills to make the wheels and axles for our moon buggies. We read the story 'Man on the Moon' by Simon Bartram and decided to make a moon buggy for Bob to help him collect samples on the moon. Watch this space to see our final products...

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Biking at the university

Image of Biking at the university

Six children from Year 2 were invited to visit the University of Cumbria today and have a session on their balance bikes and two wheeled bikes. No stabilisers were needed as all 6 of our children raced around playing musical statues on their bikes and other fun games.

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Wheelchair basketball

Image of Wheelchair basketball

We were lucky enough to have a go at wheelchair basketball this week. We realised how difficult it was to manoeuvre the wheelchair whilst keeping hold of the ball and trying to get it into the net. We had a lot of fun!

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