Y4 Anti Bullying

In music this half term, Year 4 have been listening to and then creating a rap with the theme of stopping bullying.

Click here to watch their end result... with actions!

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Soil Experiment - update!

So, after a week, we have observed how the soil has separated in the water. Some parts are floating (are lighter than water), some have sunk to the bottom (heavier than water) and some bits are floating

The water looks 'dirty' or 'muddy' because some of the soil has dissolved into it. The…

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Liverpool World Museum

Year 4 visited the Liverpool World Museum to explore all that the museum had to offer as well as taking part in a workshop about life in the Stone Age. 

The morning was spent looking around the different areas from space exploration, ancient Egyptians, world cultures, insects, dinosaurs and the…

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Making Fossils - Part 1

As part of our Rocks and Soils unit, Year 4 are going to be making our own fossils. Using the 'mould and cast' method which copies the process of how real fossils are made, we have made the 'mould' using clay. Watch for next week's update to see how the casting…

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Y4 Number Day

On Number Day, Year 4 created different Parabolic Curves and made fraction 'flowers', calculating the fraction each initial covered. Having fun with maths!

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Soil Experiment - Part 1

Soil experiment: soil shaken up with water... what will happen? The children made predictions about what they thought would happen when it was left to stand. Tune in next week to find out!

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Volcano making

To start our 'Volcanoes' topic, Year 4 made their own erupting volcanoes using vinegar and bicarbonate of soda.

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Making Sandwiches

As part of the 'Healthy Eating' unit for DT last term, we had an afternoon making healthy sandwiches using different kinds of bread (carbohydrate),  butter/spread/mayonnaise (fats), a selection of salads (vegetables) and a range of fillings (protein).

It was great fun to make...and even better…

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Writing Winter Poems

Starting this term, we have been using imagery to write poems about winter. The children were writing similes and metaphors, as well as using poetry styles, such as kennings, and haikus. The ideas were really lovely and so we thought you would like to read them too. Enjoy!


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You've got a friend in me

This term in dance, children will be working together to create and rehearse a dance sequence to the music 'You've got a friend in me'. They made a great start at this on Monday afternoon.

Our other PE day this term is Wednesday afternoon.

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Happy New Year and welcome back

Happy New Year to all our Year 4 children and their families. We hope you've had a happy Christmas and a good rest.

Our topic for this term is 'Rock and Roll' and the topic overview will go home later this week.

Homework this term is the same as last term:

Monday - spellings are sent home…

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The Y3&4 Christmas Party

Year 3 and 4 came together this afternoon to have their Christmas Party. There was lots of dancing (and flossing!) as well as games and snacks. Almost at the end of term and the Christmas spirit is well and truly with us now!

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