Borwick - Day 4

Day 4 - It is safe to say we have a very talented class! Miss Brooks, Mrs Grierson and Mrs Parker had a very enjoyable evening.

Today was 'Adventure Day'! We have been up to Coniston for a picnic, an explore in the mines and a bit of a climb!

See you all tomorrow at 2pm...

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Borwick - Day 3

Day 3 - climbing, caving,canoeing!

Every child achieved their climbing goal today. We are very proud of them!

Tonight is the talent show - we can't wait to see what talents the children have to showcase.



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Sparkly and Clean

We have all passed Mrs Parker's sniff test which means that we are all showered and ready for today's activities of climbing, high ropes and canoeing! We have all had a good night's sleep and had to be woken up this morning to make it for breakfast on time!

*A selection of today's activities…

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Borwick - Day 2

We had an excellent nights sleep and enjoyed a well deserved breakfast. We even made Miss Brooks' bed for her! Today we have been orienteering, doing archery and climbing Borwick Tower.

We are looking forward to having a good shower tonight, followed by a quiz and hot chocolate.

These are…

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3D modelling

Look at some of our completed 3D models! We started by designing them on the computer, wrote instructions about how to use the programme and then made them!


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3D Modelling

In computing we have been creating 3D models using 2design on Purple Mash. When we have finished on the laptop we are going to print them out and turn them into real life models. 

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Class Worship

We enjoyed being led by a group of our class mates in worship this afternoon. It was prayerful and peaceful and allowed us to think of our own skills and qualities. 

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