Year of the Eucharist

In RE this week, Year 4 have been learning about the significance of the Eucharist for Catholics. This was the start of our learning for the 'Year of the Eucharist' and the children were reminded of the link  between Jesus' last supper and the Mass.

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Our Final Challenge

Our final challenge of the day was to move a small plastic cup using a range of simple mechanisms. It was a great challenge. Take a look at the process we went through.



Here are our final mechanisms. Click on the group names to watch the mechanisms in action!

The Banana…

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Challenge 3 - Build a Castle

Group 1 - Cut the stone in the quarry using a wedge

Group 2 - Build an inclined plane to get the stone from the floor onto a cart

Group 3 - Create a cart using a wheel and axle 

Group 4 - Get the stone from the cart to the top of the castle using a pulley

Group 5 - We now need cement…

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STEM DAY - Mechanical Engineering

WOW! What a fantastic day we have had learning all about simple mechanisms! Our first challenge was to fit through a piece of A4 paper!

Then we had to get each member of our group through it!

Finally we had to all fit inside the same piece of A4 paper! Take a look... We all managed to do…

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Y5 4 Course Taste Testing Menu

We were giving the opportunity to taste a traditional English 4 course meal that you may have on Christmas Day. We tasted each element based on the: odour, appearance, texture and most importantly the taste. Take a look at the menu we tried below.


First course:

Sweet Pumpkin Soup,…

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We have started our new Design Technology topic and have begun to learn about baked products. In order to do this we did a taste test with cake!

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Nazareth House, Lancaster

Our reception class has linked with Nazareth House in Lancaster as part of our 'Faith in Action' aspect of the RE curriculum.This means that all the reception children have a pen friend who currently resides at Nazareth House. The children sent their new friend a special card with a drawing of…

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We started our learning about fables this week and the children made some great suggestions about the moral of 'The Hare and the Tortoise'. If you can, listen to some fables on the BBC radio website below and discuss the morals in the stories.

BBC radio - Fables

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