Year 1 had a great trip down to Barclays Bank. The Westmorland Agricultural Society were there with lots of animals! We saw, cattle, sheep and chicks. It was a brilliant experience. 

Farm to Fork

Year 1 were scientists, we went on an animal invesigation. We looked in our local surroundings to see what animals we could find. 

Animal adventure

Year 1 had a great time at Dalton Safari Park. They saw a range of different animals in thier habitat, we even caught some animals eating!

Dalton Safari Park

  • A crowned crane bird with amazing hair!
  • We found some rather large eggs!
  • A beautiful peacock
  • We were very excited to see zebras
  • We caught some rhinos having a rest!
  • Two very tall giraffes with long necks
  • The giraffes came over for a nosy!
  • All around the park there were amazing statues of the different animals
  • A black bear was very interested in the children!
  • A babirusa from Indonesia