Today Carol and Josie from CAFOD led an assembly to launch our Lent CAFOD fundraising. They told us about the people of the Amazon rainforest whose homes are under threat because every minute, an area of rainforest the size of a football pitch is cleared. During Lent, we are raising money to give the people of the rainforest a voice to defend their land and save their homes.

To raise money to support CAFOD’s invaluable work, the charity committee is running three fundraising events:

6th – 13th March – Give It Up Week : Everyone (including teachers!) is encouraged to give up eating a particular treat for the week and donate the money that is saved to CAFOD. Children will receive a collection envelope to be returned on Friday 13th March with the money they saved.

Friday 20th March – Brighten Up Spring Day : For a £1 donation (£2 for a family) everyone is invited to wear their own brightly coloured clothes to celebrate the start of Spring.

Monday 23rd March – Friday 3rd April : Easter Egg Raffle tickets on sale (£1 per strip) for our Grand Easter Raffle to be drawn on the last day of term. Prizes will be Easter eggs and chocolates donated by school staff.

We hope you will be able to help us in raising money for CAFOD during Lent. Whatever we raise will make a big difference, helping the poorest communities around the world to look after their families.