Pope Francis has declared this year, the Year of St. Joseph. He encourages us to ask St Joseph, husband of Mary and stepfather to Jesus, to pray for us. Pope Francis also wants us to see that during the pandemic there are many ordinary people working very hard to keep us safe and well – people like nurses, doctors, shop workers, farmers, staff in schools. Often, we know very little about all these people. We don’t know their names or what interests they have. Pope Francis says that they are like St Joseph, as we know very little about him too. St Joseph did his ordinary daily chores quietly and unnoticed, and courageously cared for Mary and Jesus in times of trouble. Saint Joseph reminds us that those unknown people, who are working hard to keep us safe and well, are playing an important role in bringing God’s love to the world, just as he did.

Saturday 1st May was the feast day of St Joseph the Worker. To celebrate this day, we are having a St Joseph Week of Prayer, using resources provided by Mission Together. Each day in class, we will be reflecting on a different aspect of the life of St Joseph and what we can learn from him. We remember St Joseph particularly as a man of love and service. Our school mission this week is to work hard in all we do, just like St Joseph did.

Please visit the website below if you would like to use the prayer resources at home.



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