Lunch menus are on a three-week rotation and can be pre-ordered on our ParentPay system.

Each day there is a meat option (red choice), a meat-free option (blue choice) or a jacket potato/sandwich option (yellow choice). There is also a salad bar and 'home-made' bread available.

Puddings range from jelly, ice-cream, homemade cakes, biscuits and fruit crumbles and yogurts, and there is always fresh fruit available.

Week 1

Monday BBQ chicken wrap Tuna wrap Egg mayo sandwich
Tuesday Pork sausage roll Veggie sausage roll Cheese sandwich
Wednesday Hot roast beef roll Tuna roll  
Thursday Ham and cheese wrap Egg sandwich Tuna sandwich
Friday Tuna sandwich roll Jumbo fish finger roll  


Week 2

Monday Ham roll Cheese and onion slice Tuna roll
Tuesday Crispy chicken pieces Cheese wrap  
Wednesday Roast pork barmcake Tuna roll  
Thursday Beef burger in a bun Vegetarian burger in a bun  
Friday Tuna crusty roll Cheese and tomato pizza  


Week 3

Monday Pork meatball sub roll Veggie meatball sub roll  
Tuesday Beef crusty roll Tuna cheese wrap  
Wednesday Roast chicken barmcake Tuna roll  
Thursday Cottage pie Tomato pasta  
Friday Crumbed fish bites Pizza  


From time-to-time, there are 'Special Event' lunches which have one-off menu choices. Parents will be notified of these via the school newsletter, text alerts and flyers sent home from class, as well as on this page here.