Miss Whittaker is responsible for the geography curriculum in our school.



Geography in ever day life - includes local and global human, environmental, economic and social factors. Supporting children to use geography's vocabulary in everyday life help builds confidence and understanding. This art work includes words that children need to become familiar with as they progress through school. 

This vocabulary may appear daunting, but don’t panic — you are already an accomplished geographer. Your daily life constantly provides you with rich geographical experiences, information and understanding. You think and act geographically, often without realising it. It comes naturally … as you navigate your way around your home and neighbourhood; as you make sense of local and world news; as you respond to the weather forecast, as you decide on a holiday location and how to get there.

Geography conversation starters:

   Where do you think that plane is going?

   I love when we collected stones on the beach, can you remember...

   What shop should we go to to buy ...

   Do you know what type of house this is?

   Did you see the news about a volcano erupting today?


Geography Documents

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