Coverage of Mathematics at The Cathedral Catholic Primary School follows our Maths Policy and the curriculum follows the Maths Vision Document, which shows the progression of the teaching through the school.

We have a school Calculations Policy as well as progression documents which show how the four calculations are taught in the different year groups.





Key Learning in Maths


New Assessment starting for Year 4

From the academic year 2019/20, Year 4 children will have to take an assessment in times tables. The expectation is that by the end of Year 4, all children will have a secure knowledge of all times tables to 12x12. 

The official publication from the Department of Education - Multiplication tables check assessment framework - can be found here.


Learning Times Tables

We use a reward system that allows children to achieve bronze, silver and gold awards for each times table. For learning groups of times tables, children can achieve a yellow, red and green badge which shows their achievements. This is extended to blue and black badges for more advanced knowledge of multiples and factors and using decimals.

Times Table Awards