Mr Hodder is responsible for the mathematics curriculum in our school


Mathematical understanding is a key lifeskill and the EYFS and National Curriculum aims to embed broad and resilient strategies to using numbers, understanding and solving problems and explaining and describing approaches. We believe that children should love maths, enjoy the challenge of solving calculations and understand its importance to everyday life.


At School

Coverage of Mathematics at The Cathedral Catholic Primary School follows our Maths Policy and the curriculum follows the Maths Vision Document, which shows the progression of the teaching through the school.

We have a school Calculations Policy as well as progression documents which show how the four calculations are taught in the different year groups.





Key Learning in Maths


New Assessment starting for Year 4

From the academic year 2019/20, Year 4 children will have to take a times tables assessment in June. The national expectation is that by the end of Year 4, all children will have a secure knowledge of all times tables to 12x12. However, the earlier your child learns their tables, the more connfident and able they will be.

The official publication from the Department of Education - Multiplication tables check assessment framework - can be found here.

Learning Times Tables

We use a reward system that allows children to achieve bronze, silver and gold awards for each times table. For learning groups of times tables, children can achieve a yellow, red and green badge which shows their achievements. This is extended to blue and black badges for more advanced knowledge of multiples and factors and using decimals.

At Home

It is crucial to make learninng in maths fun; from cooking in the kitchen to shopping in the store, children can practice and apply their mathematical knowledge in all aspects of everyday life. There are countless apps available from the Apple and Google Playstore, however the best resource your child could ever use is YOU! Get involved... learn your tables with your child, allow them responsibility to work out the costs and collect the correct change on their own and even explore any areas of maths that they find difficult together.

If you do wish to use digital resources, your child can practice their times tables using their Purple Mash login - the multiplication test app is an excellent way to practice and secure your times tables knowledge. Alternatively, explore:

                            BBC Bitesize

                           Topmarks Maths

Finally, a handy guide to understanding key parts of the curriculum cn be found in your child's School Planner