Lunch menus are on a three-week rotation and can be pre-ordered on our ParentPay system.

Each day there is a meat option (red choice), a meat-free option (green or yellow choice) or a jacket potato/sandwich option (blue or yellow choice). There is also a salad bar and 'home-made' bread available.

Puddings range from jelly, ice-cream, homemade cakes, biscuits and fruit crumbles and yogurts, and there is always fresh fruit available.

Week 1


Ham French bread pizza, diced potato & carrots

Tomato & mascarpone pasta & garlic bread  

Jacket potato, beans & salad

Fruit crumble
Tuesday Chicken tikka, rice & naan Cheese panini, diced potato & carrots


Jacket potato, cheese& salad Lemon cookie

Roast chicken, roast potatoes, stuffing & vegetables

Jacket potato, beans & salad   Mac 'n cheese, garlic bread & veg Jelly
Thursday Pork sausages in gravy, potatoes & veg Cheese & tomato pasta & garlic bead Jacket potato, tuna and salad   Coconut cookie
Friday   Pizza with chips & peas or sweetcorn Fish fingers, chips & peas or sweetcorn   Chocolate brownie/ Ice cream


Week 2



Vegetarian sausage roll, diced potatoes & beans

Jacket potato, beans & salad Cheese French bread pizza, potatoes & carrots Sponge cake

Beef burger, diced potatoes & veg

Veggie burger, potatoes & mixed veg   Jacket potato, cheese & salad Chocolate cookie

Roast pork, roast potatoes, Yorkshire pudding stuffing & veg

Pasta Arabiata, garlic bread & veg Jacket potato, tuna & salad   Jelly

Minced beef hot pot, potatoes & carrots

Cheese omelette, potatoes & carrots   Jacket potato, cheese & salad Chocolate shortbread
Friday   Pizza, chips & peas or sweetcorn Crispy battered fish, chips & peas or sweetcorn   Plain cookie/ Ice cream


Week 3

Monday    Tomato & mascarpone pasta & garlic bread Salmon fish fingers in a wrap, potatoes & carrots Jacket potato, beans & salad Chocolate crunch
Tuesday Pork sausage in a bun, potatoes & veg/beans Cheese whirl, hash brown & mixed veg/ beans Jacket potato, tuna & salad


Sponge cake

Roast chicken, stuffing, roast potatoes with veg & gravy

Pasta Neapolitan, garlic bread & veg   Jacket potato, cheese & salad Jelly

Mild beef chilli, rice & naan

Veggie chilli taco, rice & naan   Jacket potato, beans & salad Shortbread
Friday   Pizza, chips & peans or sweetcorn Fish fingers, chips & peas or sweetcorn   Cheese & crackers/ Ice cream


From time-to-time, there are 'Special Event' lunches which have one-off menu choices. Parents will be notified of these via the school newsletter, text alerts and flyers sent home from class, as well as on this page here.