Our Lady’s Catholic College 

We regularly make trips to our local Catholic High School, Our Lady’s Catholic College, especially for sports events, open days, and workshops. Many of our former pupils are enjoying their high school careers at Our Lady’s and we often hear from them through siblings and parish events, etc. For more information about Our Lady’s, visit their website here.

Lancaster Royal Grammar School 

Lancaster Royal Grammar School, a state boarding school for boys, is only a short walk up the hill from Cathedral School. Many of our boys have gone on to enjoy their time at “the boys’ grammar” which offers excellent academic and sporting opportunities. We have regular contact with L.R.G.S. especially through their InspirUs programme. Click here for the L.R.G.S. website.

Lancaster Girls’ Grammar School 

Many of our Year Six girls go on to enjoying Lancaster Girls’ Grammar School. More about L.G.G.S. on their website.

Stonyhurst St Mary’s Hall

A small but growing number of our pupils are choosing St Mary’s Hall, the prep school of Stonyhurst Catholic College, for the next step in their education. Stonyhurst, known for its beautiful grounds and incredible collection of antiquities, is a Jesuit boarding school in Clitheroe. Click here for the website of Stonyhurst St Mary’s Hall.

Ripley St Thomas Church of England Academy 

After leaving Cathedral at the end of Year Six, pupils often choose to continue their education at Ripley St Thomas, another local high school. We regularly hear from former pupils who are enjoying their career at Ripley. More about Ripley here.

InspirUs @ L.R.G.S.

Many of our children are blessed with the opportunity to enjoy the InspirUs programme offered by Lancaster Royal Grammar School. InspireUs offers a variety of exciting, interesting and creative experiences for primary-age children. From the InspirUs Website:

"InspirUS is a Gifted and Talented programme run by LRGS for able boys and girls. It is open to all of Lancaster’s primary schools for children in Years 3 and 4. It aims to raise aspirations and to encourage able pupils, especially those who may not have fully appreciated their academic potential, to explore avenues well beyond the confines of the National Curriculum. The five week programme of study is incredibly varied, including all aspects of the curriculum. There is a strong focus on art and creativity as we want to encourage children to discover alternative ways of thinking, working and learning. Resources will be provided to enable the children to extend their learning experience beyond our sessions."

Find out more about the InspirUs programme here

Lancaster and Morecambe College

We’ve enjoyed several trips to Lancaster and Morecambe College, especially to take advantage of their Design & Technology facilities. More about L.M.C. here.