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On Tuesday 10th and Wednesday 11th March, 2020, The Cathedral School was subject to a Section 5 Ofsted Inspection. We are delighted to share the final report with you.

The school has maintained its overall grading as ‘Good’ which we are very proud of. Here is a short extract from the overview:

"What is it like to attend this school?
Cathedral School welcomes pupils from many places across the world. Pupils are very
proud of their school and the many nationalities and cultures that make up the school
family. Pupils who spoke to us said that they feel safe and well looked after.
Classes are calm. There is no disruption to lessons because pupils know how to
behave. Bullying is extremely rare as everyone is valued for their uniqueness. Pupils
say that if bullying were to occur, they are confident that adults would deal with it.
Pupils get the opportunity to learn a wide range of subjects. Teachers plan interesting
lessons and have high expectations for every pupil."


We hope that you are as proud of our school as we are.


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Ofsted Documents

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