It is the responsibility of ALL ADULTS to protect children and young people online.

Instant help and advice is available at:


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Online Safety

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Online Safety 

The school has recently introduced a home-school online agreement that helps parents, our pupils and our school to stay safe online.
Parents and carers have a clear duty of care to prevent children becoming victims of digital grooming, bullying or online exploitation.



This has been an increasing priority since the end of COVID-19 lockdown:


Crucial websites for parents and carers who need support with this area:







Links to the Adults and Parents page of the Centre with ideas and suggestions. There are loads of activities to read or download that link to International Safer Internet Day on 7th February 2023. 

The focus for the day is all about how to engage with children about their digital lives - about how they can have an active and safe experience online. To find out more, click the logo or follow the link here.