Mrs Beveridge is responsible for the languages curriculum in our school.



Why Latin?

Well, as children will have the opportunity to learn other European languages at secondary school, we have chosen for Key Stage 2 children to follow the National Curriculum's ancient language option. This provides children with a useful basis for learning other languages. For example, how verbs are conjugated, depending on the nouns; the concept of masculine and feminine words, etc.

They also learn the etymology of different words that are common across other 'romance' languages as well as in English. (eg specto = to watch, and where we get ‘spectator’ from.)

There is also plenty of opportunity to learn more about life in Roman Britain, based on an actual family who lived at Vindolanda near Hadrian’s Wall. The homes, schools, lifestyle and the stories that they experienced are covered, from slaves, to generals, children to gladiators. An excellent way of binging the history of our country to life!


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