We are all unique

Today in Year 5 we decided to make the most of the beautiful weather and take our RE lesson outside. 

We have been thinking about how Christians value the uniqueness of every individual and how we are all important members of our class, school and Church communities. 

We passed around…


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Investigating sketching pencils

Year 3 have been experimenting with sketching pencils. We have been drawing light and dark lines, thick and thin lines and smudged lines. We are going to use sketching pencils in our Lowry art work. Mrs Lowe joined in the task in her sketch pad

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Year 4 have Super Powers

This week, Year 4 reflected on their gifts and talents, otherwise known as 'Super Powers'. They thought about how they could use their super powers to help others, following Pope Francis' message to young people: To you, who are at the beginning of the journey of life, I ask: Have you thought…

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L.S. Lowry

Today, Year 3 have been starting to learn about the artist. L. S. Lowry. We found out that he grew up in Manchester and painted lots of pictures of people and factories. 

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Welcome Back Year 2!

After what seems like a very long time, Year 2 finally came back to school this week! 

We were all ready for learning and did our first whole school write on Friday. Some of us hadn't used pencils for writing a for a long time and we had lots of achy arms and hands! I'm sure we'll soon get back…

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Y6 Inspired Art

Year 6 were inspired (by Mr Hodder creating wind and rain effects) to paint a scene from the life of St Peter. Using watercolours, the children thought about stormy seascapes as featured in the lives of the disciples Peter and Paul during their time with Jesus.

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