Scientists in the Making!

Today, we carried out the experiment that we planned on Monday. We wanted to find out what an astronaut should wear to space. We knew that astronauts need to be safe when they come back to earth too. We decided to test wood, feathers, a paper parachute, a fluffy hat, sand and fabric.


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Dental Hygiene

As well as learning about germ on our hands we've been thinking about the germs on our teeth called plaque. Today Mrs Grierson chewed a disclosing tablet to show us where the plaque collects on our teeth. Then she taught us how to brush our teeth starting with the outsides of our teeth then the…

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Washing with soap and hot water

We know how important it is to wash our hands with soap and hot water in order to kill germs but today we had to think really carefully about our technique!

We washed our hands then covered them in glitterbug potion and shone a UV torch onto our hands. The torch showed up where the germs were…

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Germs, germs, germs!

Today we are thinking about germs and how easily they spread. Mrs Grierson demonstrated how this can quickly happen by covering her hands in purple glitter then handing out the books as normal and going round the table checking books and talking to children one at a time about the task they had to…

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It's STEM week and we've already been busy doing lots of learning. We really enjoyed watching Mr Hodder make explosions in the assembly his morning.

Our role play area has turned into a laboratory and we're using lots of science vocabulary in there.

We've been looking at floating and…

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Year 6 Explore Light

Year 6 have started their STEM Week activities by exploring the properties of how light travels.  They made their own apparatus and did their own experiments.  What will tomorrow bring?


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STEM week

During STEM week we are focusing on our human bodies, how they function and how we can best look after them. We started by imagining what our bodies look like inside. We felt our arms, legs, head and body and talked about exactly what it was we were feeling. Once we had drawn our bodies we looked…

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Primary Colour Mixing

This week we had a very quiet meditative lesson as we learnt to mix primary colours in art. We worked really quietly and intensely as we mixed dots of red into our yellow paint, dots of blue into our red paint and dots of blue into our yellow paint. There were lots of 'oohs' and 'aah's' as we…

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A Busy Week

What a busy week we have had in reception! This week we introduced addition and subtraction using concrete materials. We have also been writing CVC words using our phonics knowledge. Well done to everyone in reception for all of your hard work! 


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