24 Feb

Street art

Year 6 were linking the Ancient Egyptians with up to date street art as they painted their modern day cartouches on the wall!  Is street art and graffiti the modern day equivalent to hieroglyphs or just anti-social mess? What do you think?

24 Feb

Cool Co-ordinates!

Year 6 really enjoyed a cool co-ordinate maths lesson this week, remembering to "go along the hallway...then up or down stairs".

Here you can see just how much fun they had!

22 Feb

Meet the New Bloggers Team

Meet the new Year 5 group who are taking on the task of monitoring our website, updating news and writing blogs for the classes. These bloggers have assured us that they will do an awesome job and never give up on a good story. There might be some funny moments along the way too!!

Welcome to…

21 Feb

Maths in Year 1

We had a fabulous morning measuring in Year 1. The children worked in pairs to measure items using tens and ones. Working this way meant the children were practising their counting as well as learning about measurement. Teachers and children had a good morning! 

20 Feb

Year 5 lead Stations of the Cross

Today, some children from Year 5 led a lunchtime Stations of the Cross prayer group for children in Key Stage 2. It was lovely to see so many children give up five minutes of their lunch break for this special time of prayer during Lent.

9 Feb

Year 6 Ancient Egyptian Party

What an amazing time Year 6 have had this afternoon!  Thank you so much to everyone who helped make such wonderful costumes - the children had a great day and really enjoyed exploring the delights of Ancient Egypt!  Absolutely FANTASTIC!!

9 Feb

Happy Chinese New Year

We have had a lovely week celebrating Chinese New Year. We looked at the story of the Great Race and how all the animals were challenged to race across a river to have a year named after them. We were surprised that the rat pushed the cat so that the rat could win. We know that this year is the…

8 Feb

Y3 Stone Age Day

We had a great day on Stone Age Day. There were some amazing costumes and projects and we had fun making Stone Age jewellery and pottery. We also had a go at cave painting under our tables! We spent time sorting different types of rocks and learned a lot about Neolithic settlements.

8 Feb

Reception Safer Internet Day

This week we have been learning all about how to be safe when using technology. We have listened to stories about Mo and Jaz which taught us when we have a problem on our technology, we should always tell a trusted adult who will help us. We've also had a chance to practice what we have learnt by…

7 Feb

Y2 local walk to the castle

We have been learning about fantasy stories and many stories that we have listened to have been based in a castle. Our favourite story is George and the Dragon by Chris Wormell. In our English lessons we have written a diary entry by the princess and a letter of apology from the dragon. Today we…

6 Feb

Year 5 Safer Internet Day

For Safer Internet Day, Year 5 began by listing all the amazing things the internet can be used for – we all agreed it is a fantastic tool. We then listed the things that make it unsafe and were surprised by the size of the list. The children considered different scenarios and what to do when…

6 Feb

Goodbye Guitars!

Year 6 said a heartfelt "Goodbye" to their guitars today, as they played a cracking concert with Mr Lupton for the last time. Their confidence and ability has really grown over the past several terms and they have all created memories to last a lifetime.