15 Jul

Enterprise Week

This week has been enterprise week at school. Year 2 made emoji biscuits and sold them for 50p each. We also made tablecloths, bunting and aprons with emoji's on. Look how fantastic we look !!!

14 Jul

A big THANK YOU Year 6!

Mrs Copsey and Mr Hodder were delighted to receive lovely gifts from Year 6!

Thank you!

14 Jul

Year 6 Enterprise Fair 2024

What fun Year 6 had on Friday as we presented our Human Fruit Machine!The Summer Enterprise Fair was fantastic and every class had an exciting enterprise to enjoy!

11 Jul

Year 5 Bread Making

Year 5 had a wonderful time making bread in the food technology department at Lancaster Girls' Grammar School this afternoon. This was part of this term's design technology project. It was a wonderful afternoon and a great opportunity to experience facilities in a secondary school. We are very…

9 Jul

Happy Birthday!

We had a fantastic day celebrating Mrs Lee's birthday today! We played musical statues and musical bumps before enjoying lots of dancing to all sorts of different songs! We also made birthday cards and birthday cakes as well as ordering human growth.


3 Jul

Outdoor maths carousel

This half term's math's carousel had an Olympic theme and the children in Mrs.Grierson's group had to fill buckets with cupfuls of water! The weather didn't dampen our spirits and we had a lot of fun running back and forth and keeping track of our scores! We'll find out which class won later this…

28 Jun

Museum Trip Y1!

Last week, Y1 went on an amazing little trip to Judges Lodgings, a museum in Lancaster. We walked all the way there and back, and had a super time looking at all the old and new toys.

25 Jun

Year 5 Deforestation Talk

This afternoon, Mr Nutsford, a local wildlife photographer, gave a wonderful talk about some of the animals of the rainforest and how deforestation impacts on their habitats. He told us all about the lives of the great apes and shared photographs and experiences from his time in Africa. This…

21 Jun

Year 6 Refugee Week

Year 6 worked hard this week to explore the complexities of what causes people to travel, often at night and in danger, to distant lands away from their homes. 

As part of our work, we brought in a special, irreplaceable item that we  cherish to help us understand what it is like to give up and…

20 Jun

Y3 Dream Jars

Year 3 have been using art work to plan the dreams we are going to write in English as part of our BFG topic. The colours and shapes represent feelings, emotions and events. We really enjoyed this method of story planning.

20 Jun

Farm Trip!

We all had a lovely time at the farm yesterday! It was so exciting getting to see lots of animals. We were even able to handle some of the animals like rabbits, baby chicks and snakes! We also had a great afternoon in the play barn running, sliding and playing football! All of us got a voucher too…

17 Jun

Year 5 Go Green at Lancaster University

Year 5 enjoyed a wonderful day at Lancaster University today. They participated in workshops on the theme 'Go Green' and these included learning about air miles of different foods, plastic pollution, fair trade and how our small changes can make a difference to the environment and others. They…