Easter Reflection

Year 6 really enjoyed exploring the  build up to Easter. Check out their re-imagining of the Stations of the Cross in the news area of our website.

Thank you to Year 3 and Year 4 for their wonderful Easter Reflection - we made Spring Flowers and remembered our family and friends.


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Making biscuits in DT

We have made biscuits in DT this week. We tasted several different types of biscuits and picked our favourite qualities from each. We planned to make a sandwich biscuit with a filling and a coating. We then all chose our own combinations of fillings and toppings. We spent Monday baking the…

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Accurate measuring.

We have been measuring very accurately in Y2 this week using centimetres.. We measured our heads, shoulders to wrists, knees to heels, waists and the circumference of our wrists. We measured to 0.5 of a centimetre and were very precise! Well done us!

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Yummy Easter nests in Y1

We made some delicious chocolate nests in Year 1 to celebrate Easter! We mixed melted chocolate with cornflakes and spooned it into cupcake holders. Miss Whitaker can confirm that they were delicious.

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Good Friday pictures

We learnt about Good Friday on Tuesday - we found out what happened to Jesus at each Station of the Cross, and we felt very sad about the awful things the Romans did to him. We represented what happened at some stations with drawings.

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Performing Rhymes in Year 1!

This week, we have been listening to different rhymes and songs about gardens! Today, we learnt the words to 'Mary, Mary, quite contrary' and created our own dances to perform to the class. They were great fun to watch!

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Year 4 Good Friday Reflection

Children in Year 4 led each other in a beautiful reflection on the Stations of the Cross today. They worked in groups to prepare freeze frames to show what happened to Jesus as he carried his cross and they read reflections and prayers clearly and carefully. It was beautiful to be able to do our…

prayer and liturgy

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Special Visitors

We have had some special visitors in reception this week. We have got some frogspawn. We're all very excited to watch them turn from eggs, to tadpoles and eventually into frogs. We have looked very closely at it today and learnt lots about the life cycle of a frog. A big thank you to Mrs Dickinson…

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Perimeter in the Playground

Planning permission for The Cathedral School Zoo was given the go ahead so Year 5 got to work marking out the perimeter for each enclosure. The flamingos, tigers, bears, monkeys and ducks are all very happy with their newly designed living spaces. 

Given only the total perimeter of their…

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