Grub's Up!

Year 6 finished this half-term with a Bushtucker Challenge!

We ate mealworm, grubs, crickets, bugs, kidney, liver, sheep's eyes and worst of all...prunes!

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Bird Beaks & Chocolate Drops!

Today Year 6 experimented with various different tools to replicate the adaptation of birds and their beaks!  we tried 'eating' chocolate drops using a toothpick, peg, spoon and lolly stick - to represent a humming bird, duck, pelican and wader.

Oh, and look who finally joined us! Welcome…

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Year 4 Prayer

Year 4 prayed part of the Rosary today. We especially pray the Rosary during October and we ask Mary to pray with us. We prayed for children throughout the world.

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'Owls that?!

What a great morning!

Paul from Horus Birds of Prey visited us with four of his wonderful owls and we learnt a lot about adaptation of a supreme predator!

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Harvest Festival

Following Tuesday's Harvest Festival in the Cathedral, the Reception children went into the school grounds and harvested the apples from the trees. Miss Barnes helped the children peel, chop and cook the apples and turned them into delicious apple turnovers. Look at these...! Mmmmmm.


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Y4 Making Single Line Portraits

Today, we had a go at making single line portraits using art pens.

This is when you draw a face without taking your pen off the paper until you have finished - much easier said then done! The results were really very good as you can see...

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Year 6 @ Lancaster Library

Year 6 had a great field-trip today; spotting evidence of Sir Richard Owen (inventor of the word 'dinosaur') around the city, visiting Lancaster library for a tour, updating our library cards and researching Mary Anning (Victorian fossil hunter)!


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Little Red Riding Hood in Year 1

Year one have been learning the story of Little Red Riding Hood. We created freeze frame pictures of the start of the story. The freeze frames included Little Red Riding Hood, the wolf, trees, flowers and squirrels. All the children worked really hard and there was lots of language…

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Construction in Year One

In Year one we have a very exciting challenge in the construction area this week. We have to build a home or a vehicle for a character, this means we have to think about size, design and comfort! There has been lots of amazing ideas so far, some children have even chosen to improve their first…

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