Wheelchair Action in Year 4

Image of Wheelchair Action in Year 4

Lots of activity and support in the hall this afternoon for Year 4 as teams challenged each other to wheelchair basketball matches. Great teamwork and skills showed with the passing, shooting and defending by every team. Fabulous support from the sidelines too! Well done everyone.

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Reflecting on Creation in Year 5

Image of Reflecting on Creation in Year 5

In RE in Year 5, we have been reflecting on God's beautiful gift of creation and what Pope Francis tells us in his letter 'Laudato Si'. Some children in our class led a reflection on this during class prayer and liturgy and everyone wrote their own pledge to look after our world on a 'Laudato Si'…

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Super Science in Year 6

Image of Super Science in Year 6

Do YOU know why a polar bear has wide feet? Or a camel?

Do YOU know how a cactus protects itself against the blazing heat of the desert?

Well, Year 6 might be the ones to ask as they have been busy exploring animal adaptation!

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Our First PE Lesson

Image of Our First PE Lesson

Today we had our first PE lesson. We went down to the playground and were able to explore the trim trail and the climbing frame. All of this climbing, swinging and balancing was a lot of fun but it will also help build our strength in our arms to help us write! We can't wait to go back to the trim…

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NISCU visit

Image of NISCU visit

Debbie from NISCU came into school today to take assembly. She talked about being whole hearted in everything we say and do. As always she had things for us to join in with and new songs for us to sing.

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Year 5 Lego Workshop

Image of Year 5 Lego Workshop

Today, Year 5 enjoyed a wonderful Lego Workshop. Wojtek from PrepareRobo provided techno Lego for us to build robots with sensors and control units. We connected these to a computer so we could program the robots to move without crashing into objects. It was a fantastic morning filled with…

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Year 5 Core Strength

Image of Year 5 Core Strength

Today, Year 5 enjoyed a very physical PE session led by Mr Lofthouse. They used the PE apparatus to do activities to develop their core body strength and they challenged themselves to attempt new moves. Well done, Year 5!

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Getting ahead!

Image of Getting ahead!

Year 6 have successfully applied and been given their positions of responsibility for their final year with us.

Well done all of you and good luck in your new roles!


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Y4 Messy Digestion

Image of Y4 Messy Digestion

Today, Year 4 were exploring the human digestive system. After thinking about the parts of the system, we explored how the food moves through the throat to the stomach and along the intestines. We 'digested' some food and our hands were the muscles that pushed the food along. Fun, mess and…

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