All our school safeguarding follows our school policy which can be found here


As part of Cathedral Catholic Primary School’s commitment to keeping children safe, we are proud to be part of Operation Encompass.

Operation Encompass is a national initiative which links the Police and educational establishments in an early intervention safeguarding partnership. Its function is to support children and young people who have been involved in, heard or witnessed a domestic abuse incident.

Being part of Encompass means our school will receive a notification from Lancashire Police before the start of the next school day. Following an incident, children will often arrive at school distressed, upset, worried and unprepared.  Operation Encompass aims to ensure that appropriate school staff are made aware early enough to help and support children and young people in a way that means they feel safe and included.


This is a valuable initiative that means we can help and support children and their families within our school when they need us the most.

The Key Adults at our school are Nicola Holt (Headteacher and Designated Safeguarding Lead) and Shiralee Grierson (Acting Deputy Head and Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead).

You can find out more information by visiting the Operation Encompass website (click the image) or please contact the school with any further questions.


A copy of our letter to parents about Operation Encompass can be found here.




The school also has to follow the statutory guidance called Keeping Children Safe in Education, published by the Department for Education each year. A copy of the current document can be found here.

Safeguarding Documents

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Online Safety

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Links to the Adults and Parents page of the Centre with ideas and suggestions. There are loads of activities to read or download that link to International Safer Internet Day on 7th February 2023. 

The focus for the day is all about how to engage with children about their digital lives - about how they can have an active and safe experience online. To find out more, click the logo or follow the link here.