Y6 Microbits!

Year 6 have been programming this week - using their individual microbit computers to create a range of cool signs and messages.

But this is only the beginning!

They will all have the opportunity to take the microbit at home and experiment over the holidays!

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Year 6 RE - Eastertide

This week, Year 6 have been really getting under the skin of the 11 disciples and how they felt during Eastertide.  We talked about the mixed emotions of joy and disbelief at the resurrection of Jesus and then we discussed how they would have felt when Jesus told them their mission to spread theā€¦

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The Undefeated

Year 6 have started their final term by looking at 'The Undefeated' by Alexander and Nelson. A very different book from our previous choices; this will support our creative topic curriculum of looking at The Lancaster Slave Trade.

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