14 Jul

A big THANK YOU Year 6!

Mrs Copsey and Mr Hodder were delighted to receive lovely gifts from Year 6!

Thank you!

14 Jul

Year 6 Enterprise Fair 2024

What fun Year 6 had on Friday as we presented our Human Fruit Machine!The Summer Enterprise Fair was fantastic and every class had an exciting enterprise to enjoy!

21 Jun

Year 6 Refugee Week

Year 6 worked hard this week to explore the complexities of what causes people to travel, often at night and in danger, to distant lands away from their homes. 

As part of our work, we brought in a special, irreplaceable item that we  cherish to help us understand what it is like to give up and…

17 Jun

Year 6 Drumming can't be beat!

Year 6 had an amazing time last week banging the drum of music in a super session that couldn't be beaten!

14 Jun


Year 6 were putting on their coding shoes and getting ready ro test their programmed step-counter microbits as part of our controlled technology DT lessons!

13 Jun

NISCU Transition Assembly

Year 6 started their transition journey this week with a session from NISCU all about the process of moving up to high school.  Lots of questions asked and lots of questions answered!

7 Jun

Year 6 Slavery Tour and Maritime Museum Visit

Year 6 had a fun and interesting treat on Friday, as we visited the Maritime Museum in Lancaster at the quayside.

We also took a walking tour of Lancaster and the links with its trans-Atlantic Slave Trade past.

24 May

LGGS Science Workshops

Year 6 enjoyed a very special science afternoon when 4 A Level students from Lancaster Girls' Grammar School delivered a wonderfully hands-on science workshop all about circuits and electricity.

The children were really switched on and and acted like a live wire throughout!

24 May

Roller-coaster painting!

Year 6 had great fun this week painting their coasters ready for the Art Exhibition on Wednesday and Thursday.  All of their efforts looked great - what a wonderful keepsake for their last year at Cathedral!


16 May

Year 6 Leavers' Hoddies

Year 6 said goodbye SATs and Hello Hoodies!  What do you think, do they suit them?


10 May

SATs in Hats!!

Year 6 have been working hard to prepare for next week's SATs!

We've even put our thinking caps on!

3 May

Year 6 talk relationships...

Year 6 enjoyed their PSHE lesson all about what makes a health and positive relationship.  First, we discussed all the different relationships we have and how we make lots of different connections. Then, we focused on what makes each of those relationships positive to be in and healthy to be part…