Y6 Fashion Designers

After looking at the designs and fashion of Vivienne Westwood, Year 6 have been creating their own designs. Adapting and embellishing a plain white T-shirt has allowed their creative ideas to flow. Coming soon will be a Year 6 fashion show...watch this space!!

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Y4 Are Anglo Saxons!

Year 4 were visited by Winifred, the Anglo Saxon today!

We learnt so much - the story of Beowulf, how the Anglo Saxons settled on the land, their houses and settlements, what they ate and how they lived. The children were also able to inspect artefacts and work out how they were made and what…

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Y4 Food Tasting

Today, Year 4 tasted a range of different foods that might be included in a pasta sauce...which we will be making in a few weeks time! Anchovies and olives where the most controversial, however several children found out they enjoyed a range of foods they hadn't had before.

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Y4 Go in Search of Romans

Today, Year 4 dodged the rain and visited Lancaster City Museum and the Roman Ruins below the Castle to back up our history work this term.

In the museum, the children really explored the Romans exhibits to complete a quiz, then at the ruins, they sketched the Bath House, thought about how it…

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Messy Digestion!

In Science, we were investigating how our bodies absorb certain parts of our food and get rid of waste! We did this by creating a 'stomach' and passing it through 'intestines'. (Good thing it was only Cola and bread!!) Messy but good fun!

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