Y4 Enjoying Castlerigg

We had a wonderful time near Keswick last week. The weather was kind and it was great to spend the time together. The theme for the retreat was 'Getting to know me, getting to know each other, getting to know God'. There were lots of activities led by the staff at Castlerigg plus a long walk to…

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How Fizzy...?


Year 4 conducted a science investigation to see which drink was the fizziest.


We knew that the 'fizz' is actually bubbles of gas, but does gas have a mass? We used digital scales to weigh the drink just after it was poured.




Then we stirred it until there were…

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Y4 Making Circuit Games

Using our knowledge of circuits from this half term's work, Year 4 had to design and make a game that used a circuit. 

First we explored some games that you can buy; next we made the structure of a 'Buzz Wire' game; finally we connected the structure to a circuit and had some fun playing with…

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Y6 Fashion Designers

After looking at the designs and fashion of Vivienne Westwood, Year 6 have been creating their own designs. Adapting and embellishing a plain white T-shirt has allowed their creative ideas to flow. Coming soon will be a Year 6 fashion show...watch this space!!

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Y4 Are Anglo Saxons!

Year 4 were visited by Winifred, the Anglo Saxon today!

We learnt so much - the story of Beowulf, how the Anglo Saxons settled on the land, their houses and settlements, what they ate and how they lived. The children were also able to inspect artefacts and work out how they were made and what…

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