Dictionary activity

This morning in the Key Stage 1 bubble we explored how to use a dictionary.

Questions you could answer at home:

Can you find the words which start with the letter P?
Can you find a word starting with the letter C?

Can you find the definition for the word…

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Jesus Changes Lives

This afternoon Diana from NISCU came into Y2 to talk to us about how Jesus can change people’s lives. She told us some stories from the Bible and brought some puppets with her. We enjoyed doing actions to the stories and acting some out.


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World Book Day in Year 2

We have enjoyed sharing some stories with each other. When we had finished reading the books we wrote messages about them and packaged them up. Then we took them out of school and hid them for other people to find. What is your favourite book?


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Digital Art

We have been creating pictures in the style of Monet using 2paint. We have looked at how to change the depth of the colours and change the size of the brushes to create a picture based on the Monet painting ‘The Bridge at  Giverny.

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Car Building

We had great fun this afternoon Building our cars. We made them for explorers and some were space themed, some were underwater cars and some were jungle cars. It was lovely to have so many adults in class to help. A good time was had by all.


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