Iron Man Art Y3

Image of Iron Man Art Y3

We really enjoyed making our Iron Man pictures for the school art exhibition. If you missed the exhibition you can still buy the pictures for £3 each on Parent Pay.

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Y3 Art In The Park

Image of Y3 Art In The Park

Year 3 had a great time in the sunshine, drawing in Williamson Park. We looked at the Raku Sculpture and the stone figures on the Ashton Memorial as we have been studying sculpture in art. We combined our art visit with our Big Lent Walk.



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Lent in Y3

Image of Lent in Y3

Today is Ash Wednesday, so after we went to church we changed the cloth on our prayer table to purple for Lent. Then we decorated paper flowers with what we are going to do in Lent to grow closer to God.

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Lancaster Lowrys Y3

Image of Lancaster Lowrys Y3

We have been creating pictures in the style of Lowry. We used photographs of Lancaster and recreated them with sketching pencils then highlighted the pictures using watercolour paints. Can you spot where in Lancaster the images are from?

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