Perimeter in the Playground

Planning permission for The Cathedral School Zoo was given the go ahead so Year 5 got to work marking out the perimeter for each enclosure. The flamingos, tigers, bears, monkeys and ducks are all very happy with their newly designed living spaces. 

Given only the total perimeter of their…

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Year 5 Trim Trail

Year 5 had a brilliant time experiencing the new Trim Trail and Climbing Wall. 

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Super work in Lockdown week 3

A small selection of some of the fantastic work coming in from Year 5 this week. We've been looking at fractions in Maths and writing reports as Intergalactic Agents in English for our unit on Science Fiction stories. 


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Super work in lockdown week 2

Here is a small selection of some great work that has been done by year 5 during week 2 of lockdown. 

Well done Year 5, keep up the great work and hopefully some of your work will be on the blog next week!

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Skittles Art

Our art for STEM week involved dissolving skittles to make patterns. We had a good discussion about what we thought was happening and why. We discovered that the Skittles were made out of sugar and dissolved in the water. Ask year 5 if dissolving is a reversible or irreversible change!



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Stinky Science!

To launch our topic about reversible and irreversible changes we conducted a rather smelly science experiment today using cabbage water (pooh!). 

We used the experiment to discuss how particles behave in different states of matter and how certain elements are required to create a…

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Investigating Socks for Camping

As part of our unit about the UK we've been looking at materials and their uses for camping equipment.

On Friday Mrs Benson challenged us to plan an investigation to find the best camping socks for a winter camping trip. We worked in groups and thought of all the ways we could design and plan…

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2 Point Perspective Art

Year 5 had their first attempt at creating a 2-point perspective landscape picture today and they really impressed me with how well they have done! 

We used a helpful video to guide us through the steps and took our time to line everything up to our points on the horizon line. 

If you…

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We are all unique

Today in Year 5 we decided to make the most of the beautiful weather and take our RE lesson outside. 

We have been thinking about how Christians value the uniqueness of every individual and how we are all important members of our class, school and Church communities. 

We passed around…


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