Super Science in Year 6

Image of Super Science in Year 6

Do YOU know why a polar bear has wide feet? Or a camel?

Do YOU know how a cactus protects itself against the blazing heat of the desert?

Well, Year 6 might be the ones to ask as they have been busy exploring animal adaptation!

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Getting ahead!

Image of Getting ahead!

Year 6 have successfully applied and been given their positions of responsibility for their final year with us.

Well done all of you and good luck in your new roles!


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Year 6 Wellbeing Week!

Image of Year 6 Wellbeing Week!

Year 6 have has an excellent start to their final year at Cathedral with a wellbeing week!

We've looked at our learning styles, how present and grounded we are, how we like to learn and what we've all got in common.

We also enjoyed a great day fill of mindfulness colouring, resilience…

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