26 Mar

Year 1 at Wildlife Oasis

Year 1 had a wonderful time at Wildlife Oasis. After a great coach journey we were greeted by the lovely staff who worked with us for the morning. We were introduced to cockroaches, spiders, millipedes and SNAKES...some of the children were brave enough to touch and even hold them! After we had…

13 Mar

Year 1 Pizzas!


We had a fantastic morning in Year 1, making healthy pizzas. The children designed and made their own healthy pizza after trying a range of different toppings grown in a range of different countries. 
The smell of the pizzas cooking was amazing and they tasted even better!

28 Feb

Y1 Map reading!

On Wednesday, Year 1 had to very carefully follow a map of our playground to find the red X marks the spot! They were very good at comparing the map to their surroundings and thinking carefully about where exactly they had to go.

21 Feb

Maths in Year 1

We had a fabulous morning measuring in Year 1. The children worked in pairs to measure items using tens and ones. Working this way meant the children were practising their counting as well as learning about measurement. Teachers and children had a good morning! 

6 Feb

Y1 Online Safety

Year 1 had lots of interesting discussions about Online Safety with Mrs Cook. The children have a better awareness and understanding now of how to stay safe on the internet.

10 Jan

Y1 Yoga

Year 1 loved their yoga session on Wednesday. It was a very relaxing experience!

9 Jan

Y1 Signs of Winter

We looked around the playground for signs of Winter. We noticed this tree is looking very bare, and we recalled seeing lots of birds flying to warmer places.

27 Nov

Maths Carousel Y1

All the children swapped classes today as part of the maths carousel. In Year 1, we looked at nets of 3D shapes and had a go at making them!

17 Nov

Y1 Class Worship

Year 1 did their class worship on Wednesday. They all remembered their lines and spoke in loud voices! Miss Whitaker was very proud!

9 Nov

Y1 painting!

Year 1 really enjoyed testing out different colours and mixing new colours, ready to paint the Great Fire of London.

31 Oct

Y1 looking for dragons!

We are going to be reading a story about a dragon in English. The children enjoyed looking at all the different dragons around class.

26 Oct

Y1 Busy learning!

Lots of children have been challenging themselves on the activities around class! Well done on your independent learning.