23 Apr

Year 2 at the Zoo

On Friday Year 2 went to the zoo! We had been learning about elephants in class so we visited them first. We had our lunch then visited the rest of the animals. We loved the lion which pounced at us-thank goodness for the big green fence! A great time was had by…

21 Mar

Rain didn't stop play!

Laura came in today to teach us cricket skills! We all had a turn using the flat side of the cricket balls and knocked tennis balls off the cones. We had to hold the bat with two hands and step forward before we hit it. She said we were excellent and couldn't believe we hadn't played cricket…

19 Mar

Paddy and Steph came to visit!

Today Paddy the greyhound and Steph from Animal Care came to visit Y2. As we have been learning about animals and their needs this half term Steph told us all about the 5 welfare needs from the Animal Act. 

  • need for a suitable environment
  • need for a suitable diet
  • need to be able to…
18 Mar

Lancaster Singing Festival

Today we went to the Town Hall in Lancaster and performed with other primary schools to parents and carers. We sang 12 different songs and remembered the dance moves and the actions as well as the words. At the end we were given a prize for having the best dance moves. We had an amazing time as…

8 Mar

Mother's day in school

Our lovely mums were invited into school today to celebrate Mothering Sunday this weekend. They came into class and listened to us rehearse for the music festival before being treated to drinks and cakes in the school hall. We hope all our mums have a very happy mother's day.

28 Feb

Year 2 lead the celebration of the word.

Today it was our turn to lead celebration of the word in the hall. Our theme was 'The beginning of Lent'. We heard the bible reading from the Gospel of Matthew about Jesus going into the desert for 40 days and 40 nights and the great sacrifice He made. We shared our Lenten promises and sang our…

23 Feb

Look who came to visit!

Today we had a very special visitor. Mrs. Taylor, our teaching assistant in Reception and Year 1 brought her baby James to school to meet us all. He is nearly 5 months old now and smiled at us all. Mrs. Taylor was very happy to see us and we asked her lots of questions about James. It was a lovey…

7 Feb

Y2 local walk to the castle

We have been learning about fantasy stories and many stories that we have listened to have been based in a castle. Our favourite story is George and the Dragon by Chris Wormell. In our English lessons we have written a diary entry by the princess and a letter of apology from the dragon. Today we…

6 Feb

Safer internet day

Today is safer internet day and we have been learning how to stay safe when we go online. We watched a slideshow about Mo and Jaz and learned what they did when a game they were playing on went wrong. Then we watched Smartie the Penguin presentation and helped Smartie to solve the problems he was…

5 Feb

Maths carousel

Today we had a maths carousel morning where we all swapped classes and did maths activities in Rec, Y1 and Y2. In Year 2 we made a pictogram. Mrs Grierson bought in a party size bag of Cadbury chocolates and we unpacked the bag and made a pictogram with it's contents. We found out that you get…

30 Jan

Y2 Poetry performance

Today Y2 took part in the school Poetry performance. They performed the poem...BEWARE the dragon! We practised using loud voices and quiet voices, emphasising different words as well as using our talk 4 writing actions to help us deliver a unique performance. The parents gave us a huge round of…

27 Jan

Making 30 game

In Year 2 we are learning how to exchange ten units for a ten rod using Diennes rods and cubes. Today we had a mammoth game of making 30 using a dice and the rods and units! You have to roll the dice, collect that many units but then exchange ten units for a rod once you have 10. It took us a…