29 Apr

Branching Databases Y3

We have been creating branching databases using yes no questions.

18 Mar

Y3 Visit the Book Fair

The book fair is in school this week. This afternoon we went to see what books are available.

11 Mar

Sculpture in Y3

We have been learning about the sculptor Alberto Giacometti. We found out that he made long thin elongated sculptures that were supposed to look like shadows. We enjoyed working with clay and wire.

8 Mar

Mother’s Day in Year 3

We had a lovely afternoon with our mothers. We worked together to make our sculptures in the style of Alberto Giacometti. We hope our mothers enjoyed it as much as we did.

5 Mar

Year 3 and 4 Combine Forces!

As part of our 'giving' in Lent, we are raising money for those around the world who are living in extreme poverty. If we all walk 1km and bring in £1 for doing so, we can make a contribution to CAFOD's fund-raising.

So we took advantage of the beautiful weather to walk up to Williamson Park…

8 Feb

Y3 Stone Age Day

We had a great day on Stone Age Day. There were some amazing costumes and projects and we had fun making Stone Age jewellery and pottery. We also had a go at cave painting under our tables! We spent time sorting different types of rocks and learned a lot about Neolithic settlements.

6 Feb

Safer Internet Day in Y3

Today is Safer Internet Day and we have been learning all about keeping safe on line. We have also found out lots about how technology has changed over time. We couldn’t believe that mobile phones did not exist when Mrs Lowe was a little girl! As part of our work we have made posters to remind…

19 Jan

Wealth & Work Week in Y3

We have really enjoyed Wealth and Work Week. We have learnt all about where money comes from, what we use it for and what loans and interest are. On Wednesday we had visitors in school who told us all about their jobs. We asked lots of questions.

10 Jan

Y3 Yoga

We had a visiting teacher come to school today to do a yoga lesson with us. We really enjoyed it, especially the relaxation exercises.

5 Jan

Y3 Water colours

Year 3 have been experimenting with watercolour paints. We have tried making details with less water and washes for backgrounds using more water.

4 Jan

Y3 Tanzii TV

Tanzii TV came to school today. Because we had been the most active class during the Autumn term, we got to film a special workout that will go on the Tanzii TV site. It was great fun and very exciting. We also got a special certificate for our classroom.

12 Dec

Y3 Trip to Lancaster Castle

Today we visited Lancaster Castle as part of our topic on local history and geography. We went on a tour and found out about how the castle has changed use over time. We were amazed that some parts of the castle are over 800 years old. We had a great morning, despite the rain!