16 Jan

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

It may have only been with us for a morning but Year 2 made the most of being out in the snow, building miniature snow men and making snow angels. We also learned how to warm our freezing cold hands up once we were back in class!

16 Jan

How much is 1kg?

Today we investigated mass. We had heard of a kilogramme (kg) but couldn't think of anything that might have a mass of a kg. So we took out our class weighing scales and in groups,set about putting resources in the holder until the dial moved around to the 1kg point. Some groups realised that the…

5 Jan

Tanzii TV visited school!

Vio and Rio from Tanzii TV came to visit us on the first day back. We do their videos every day to help wake up our bodies and our brains and they came back to see how we were doing. Unfortunately Y2 were at the bottom of the leaderboard, but they challenged us to be at the top by the end of this…

6 Dec

We've been practising our Nativity play !!

For the last 2 weeks we have been learning our words and songs for our Nativity play. Today was our dress rehearsal and we really impressed Mrs Grierson who was very proud of us all. We even managed to pass the microphone from one person to another so everyone could hear what we were saying.

8 Nov

Year 2 whole school prayer and liturgy

Our year 2 class have been sharing their learning with the whole school and their families. Today we explained to everyone about the importance of signs and symbols in every day life. We also talked about the use of symbols in the sacraments including symbols of water, oil, white garments and…

31 Oct

PE with Dan Lofthouse

Dan Lofthouse is working with Y2 this half term developing our gymnastic skills. He is a PE expert who knows how to keep us active and teach us how to safely learn the gymnastic skills required at KS1. We love our PE sessions!

20 Oct

The aliens have landed!

Today Year 2 have dressed as aliens to conclude this terms learning about 'Space'. The children have learned a lot of facts and information about the first moon landing and Neil Armstrong. This week we have been using our imagination to invent alien characters and describe them in our writing.…

18 Oct

DT moon buggies

After reading Simon Bartram's 'Man on the Moon' , Y2 have been designing and building a moon buggy for Bob to collect samples of rocks on the moon. We had to design and make axels and chassis. Then we could put our own things on top, like cameras, boxes, satellite dishes, computers etc. We had to…

16 Oct

Measuring in Y2

We have been measuring this week using centimetres and metres. We learned about estimating before we measured and made some good, realistic  predictions. We then got to work measuring with fabric metre tapes, 30cm rulers and metre sticks. We have measured everything from our bodies to our class…

16 Oct

Firefighter visit

Y2 had a visit from the Lancaster fire fighters today who talked to them about what to do if there is ever a fire in the home. The children listened to the messages from the fire service and then did role play scenarios to practice what to do. The children all got posters to take home to help them…

21 Sep

NISCU visit

Debbie from NISCU came into school today to take assembly. She talked about being whole hearted in everything we say and do. As always she had things for us to join in with and new songs for us to sing.

12 Sep

Weekly spellings.

We can practise our weekly spelling on Purple Mash. Mrs Grierson sets a 2Do each week but you can practise as many times as you want by going to the quiz through the homepage. Click on the spelling scheme of work icon pictured above then click on- Year 2- Autumn 1 -and the week that we are doing.…