28 Feb

Year 5 Andy Warhol Art

In Year 5, we have linked our learning about Space to our study of Andy Warhol's pop art to create paintings of planets in the style of Andy Warhol. The children explored the qualities of watercolour and poster paints and used a combination of these in their paintings. They created a series of…

20 Feb

Year 5 lead Stations of the Cross

Today, some children from Year 5 led a lunchtime Stations of the Cross prayer group for children in Key Stage 2. It was lovely to see so many children give up five minutes of their lunch break for this special time of prayer during Lent.

6 Feb

Year 5 Safer Internet Day

For Safer Internet Day, Year 5 began by listing all the amazing things the internet can be used for – we all agreed it is a fantastic tool. We then listed the things that make it unsafe and were surprised by the size of the list. The children considered different scenarios and what to do when…

31 Jan

The Highwayman in Year 5

Year 5 enjoyed learning and rehearsing 'The Highwayman' by Alfred Noyes for our school poetry performance. It was wonderful to have a good audience of parents and carers to perform to. There are many budding actors and actresses in Year 5 - I look forward to seeing this grow. Well done, Year…

24 Jan

Year 5 lead our Celebration of the Word

This afternoon, Year 5 led our whole school Celebration of the Word. They shared with us some of their reflections on 'Mission', including how we can share in the mission of Jesus, by bringing God's love to others through kind words, a smile, a helping hand. They read this extract from a prayer by…

18 Jan

Wealth and Work Week Learning in Year 5

Gosh - what a lot of 'Wealth and Work Week' learning we have done in Year 5 this week! We had wonderful question and answer sessions with parents who do a wide range of jobs. We have learnt about how to spend money carefully and the impact that borrowing money can have. Children now know what tax…

12 Jan

Year 5 Yoga

What a wonderful experience Year 5 had this week when Claire came in to lead us in a Yoga session. It was great to take time to slow down, stretch and relax. Year 5 showed great balance and ability to be still. Well done!

18 Dec

Year 5 Christmas Games

We enjoyed some circle time games before our Christmas party this afternoon. These included, "Who is hiding under the sheet?', 'Pass the tambourine without a sound' and 'Who is the leader?'. It was a great start to our party afternoon.

15 Dec

Year 5 Ice Skating

Year 5 had a wonderful time ice-skating this week. The teachers were really pleased with their determination to learn a new skill which isn't easy at first. Well done, Year 5!


15 Dec

Christmas Dinner!

What a wonderful Christmas dinner we had today! The kitchen staff worked hard to ensure we had a wonderful lunch and we even had Christmas crackers! Here are some photos from Years 5 and 6 Christmas dinner.

6 Dec

Year 5 Visit to the Theatre

Year 5 enjoyed a wonderful visit to the Dukes theatre this morning to watch their Christmas pantomime, A Christmas Carol. Because we have been studying 'A Christmas Carol' this half term, the children were able to spot similarities and differences between the pantomime, the book and film extracts…

5 Dec

Acting out Playscripts in Year 5

Today, as we are learning about the conventions of play scripts in English, we took our learning outside to use the playground as the backdrop for acting out some play scripts. We have many budding actors and actresses in Year 5! Well done, Everyone!