27 Nov

Year 5 Viking Longboat

What a wonderful surprise we had in Year 5 today when one pupil brought in this wonderful model of a Viking longboat he has made at home. This has obviously taken a lot of skill, time and patience - well done!

22 Nov

A change of heart for Scrooge

Today, we made use of the outdoor space to prepare role plays to show a conversation between Scrooge and Bob Cratchit or Fred (Scrooge's nephew) for a new chapter of 'A Christmas Carol' that Year 5 have been writing. We have been studying 'A Christmas Carol' over the last two weeks and have…

22 Nov

Y5 Scientists

Today, Year 5 were being scientists, investigating how to separate different mixtures of materials. They found out how to separate salt from a saltwater solution and sand from a mixture of sand and water. They used this to work out how to separate a mixture of salt and sand. Well done, Year 5!

16 Nov

Year 5 Bowling

Year 5 had a wonderful time doing crown green bowling with Mr Lofthouse this morning. He taught us how to hold the bowls and how to use markers on the green to help us bowl with good direction. We had three children who managed to bowl right into a target circle which was super. Everyone made…

13 Nov

Visitors in Year 5

Today, Ben, who is the lay chaplain at Our Lady’s Catholic College, visited Year 5 with a group of students from the chaplaincy and Mr Eidsforth. Ben led us in a reflection on scripture and helped us to prepare for our pilgrimage to Our Lady’s which takes place in a couple of…

8 Nov

Year 5 Music Making

Today, Year 5 played some great bossa nova music on the glockenspiels. They followed the notes to play a given melody then used the notes G, A and B to improvise over a backing. The result was very catchy - well done, Year 5!

1 Nov

Year 5 Creative Projects

What a joy it has been to look at the creations produced by Year 5 as last half term’s homework. They could choose between a project about the Vikings, creation or legends of the British Isles. Some children have done some great research and used it to produce a poster or information text. Others…

11 Oct

Year 5 Investigate Electrical Conductors

This afternoon, Year 5 investigated the best material to make a switch for an electrical circuit. They cooperated well in groups to make a circuit and adapted their circuit to investigate the properties of different materials. 

11 Oct

Year 5 say, "No!"

As part of their PSHE learning, Year 5 have been practising saying, "No!" assertively to negative peer pressure. They acted out different scenarios and showed how they would respond to what their friend was asking them to do. 

6 Oct

Viking Invasion!

Year 5 became Viking raiders this afternoon! There was some raiding, there was some invasion of monasteries, a fair bit of fighting and a lot of fun! 
We made a timeline, recreated some key events as freeze frames and learnt a lot about the Viking invasion of Britain.

Thanks to Laura and…

4 Oct

Year 5 lead Prayer and Liturgy

This afternoon, Year 5 led a whole school time of prayer for the feast of St Francis of Assisi. They told us about the life of St Francis and led us in a reflection on how we can follow his example by showing care for each other and our environment. We sang, 'Make me a channel of your peace', the…

26 Sep

Reflecting on Creation in Year 5

In RE in Year 5, we have been reflecting on God's beautiful gift of creation and what Pope Francis tells us in his letter 'Laudato Si'. Some children in our class led a reflection on this during class prayer and liturgy and everyone wrote their own pledge to look after our world on a 'Laudato Si'…