17 May


We had a very exciting walk to Lancaster Castle this week! We have been learning about features of castles like battlements, arrow slits and the portcullis. We found all of these in the castle. We then sat down and completed some observational drawings of the castle. All the adults were amazed by…

10 May

Fairy Tale Dress Up!

We had a great time on our fairy tale dress up day! It was lovely to see some beautiful dresses and some scary pirates! Well done to everyone putting in a great effort!

24 Apr

Our Special Friend!

This week in RE, we have been learning about our special friend that God sent to help us - The Holy Spirit. We learnt that when The Holy Spirit first came a long time ago, there was a big wind and fire appeared on Jesus' friends heads! We made fire head bands to help remind us that The Holy Spirit…

22 Mar

Cricket Stars!

We had a great time yesterday playing cricket! We practiced our batting skills and saw how far we could hit the ball. 


21 Mar

Hot Cross Buns!

As part of our RE topic, we have been learning all about the Easter story. We learnt that Jesus died on the cross and that's why we see the cross a lot at Easter time. We found that hot cross buns had a cross on the top to help us remember Jesus dying for us on the cross. We had a go at spreading…

1 Mar

Bee Bots!

This week we have been learning about coding. We have been coding the Bee Bots to travel all around our classroom. We even made some mazes that we needed to get the Bee Bots to travel around. It has been good fun learning all about this. 

29 Feb

All Aboard!

Wow! What an exciting and busy day! We set off from school to the train station and jumped aboard the train to go all the way to Grange-over-Sands! It was so exciting to be on the train. Our favourite part was going over the bridge in Arnside! Once in Grange, we fed the ducks, had a picnic and…

9 Feb

Happy Chinese New Year

We have had a lovely week celebrating Chinese New Year. We looked at the story of the Great Race and how all the animals were challenged to race across a river to have a year named after them. We were surprised that the rat pushed the cat so that the rat could win. We know that this year is the…

8 Feb

Reception Safer Internet Day

This week we have been learning all about how to be safe when using technology. We have listened to stories about Mo and Jaz which taught us when we have a problem on our technology, we should always tell a trusted adult who will help us. We've also had a chance to practice what we have learnt by…

2 Feb

Mini Zoo Trip

We had a lovely day at the butterfly house and mini zoo. We learnt all about the butterflies and their life cycle and also met Raymond the tortoise! We was very friendly. We also enjoyed looking around the other animals such as the meerkats and snakes!


19 Jan

Exploring in the Snow!

This week, in the cold weather, we have had lots of fun exploring! We have been learning about freezing and melting, solids and liquids and we explored painting on the ice that was left in our tuff tray! We were very excited to find out that even the paint froze when we left it outside! We also…

11 Jan

Drawing Club

This week we started drawing club! In drawing club, we focus on one story a week. We learn lots of new vocabulary that we can use whilst we are learning in other areas. It also encourages us to write using our phonics and number knowledge to write "codes" that make our pictures do magical things.…