All Aboard!

Image of All Aboard!

What a long day we've had today! We were all very excited about our trip to Grange-Over-Sands on the train. When we were there, we fed the ducks and had a picnic in the gardens. We then walked to the library and spent some time there. We found loads of books about trains whilst we were there so we…

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Yummy Pancakes!

Image of Yummy Pancakes!

Reception had a day full of pancakes! This morning we learnt why we celebrate Shrove Tuesday. We learnt that we celebrate it the day before lent starts. Lent is a time when people might give something up to remember when Jesus went to the desert for 40 days and 40 nights. People used to give up…

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We're Going to the Zoo!

Image of We're Going to the Zoo!

This afternoon we had a lovely walk to the mini zoo. We were all very excite to see the meerkats and rabbits. We were excited to learn that meerkats eat scorpions! We thought that we would not like to eat scorpions. We also enjoyed looking at the lizards and snakes and saw that one of the lizards…

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Chinese New Year

Image of Chinese New Year

We have had a busy week in Reception learning all about Chinese New Year. We were lucky to have a lady from China come and teach us some Chinese words and songs. We also tried some Chinese food (vegetable spring rolls, prawn crackers and sweet chilli dip) for snack one day. We learnt the story of…

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Snow Day!

Image of Snow Day!

What an exciting afternoon! We were all surprised when it started to snow! We rushed outside hand had lots of fun building snowmen and making snow angels! We also made snow balls and tried to throw them at Mrs Lee! We then went inside and had a nice warm cup of hot chocolate to warm up our…

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Rocking Around the Christmas Tree!

Image of Rocking Around the Christmas Tree!

Wow! What a busy Christmasy day! Our day started off with a trip to the pantomime to see Robin Hood at the Duke! We had an amazing time, our favourite parts were joining in with the singing and dancing. After quickly walking back to school, we had a late lunch and then straight onto our Christmas…

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A Chilly Walk!

Image of A Chilly Walk!

Reception took a bit of a chilly walk up to Williamson Park today! Once we got there, we soon warmed up whilst practicing our gross motor skills to run, jump and climb all around the play park. We had a really lovely time being pirates and sharks, climbing up the poles and swinging on the swings.…

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Supertato to the Rescue!

Image of Supertato to the Rescue!

This half term we have been looking at the story of Supertato! We have been doing loads of activities all to do with Supertato! We have been working hard on our oral story telling by using a story map and action to help us remember! We were so excited to show you! Keep an eye out for even more…

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Gift Giving

Image of Gift Giving

As part of our RE lesson this week, we learnt all about gifts. We discussed when we give gifts, why we give gifts and who we might give gifts to. After this, we all made a special gift box and put a special treat inside! We thought really hard of special people we would like to give our gifts…

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Geography Day!

Image of Geography Day!

Today was geography day in school! We were learning all about Antarctica. We discovered what the weather is like (we thought most of us wouldn't like to live there, It's too cold and windy), what animals and people live there and where it is on the globe.

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Cleaning Up!

Image of Cleaning Up!

This week we have been practicing our gross motor skills by cleaning the outdoor area. We have been mopping and scrubbing the shed and also the pumpkins. The outdoor area has never looked so clean and sparkly. We also built up our muscles in our arms and shoulders which will help us with our…

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