Joyful Writing Year 5

Image of Joyful Writing Year 5

Year 5 are have been working hard writing their own stories. The children have been given the opportunity to write about anything they wish, encouraging joy and pride in their writing. All the children have tried their best, creating exciting and interesting stories to engage and thrill the…

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Biking at the university

Image of Biking at the university

Six children from Year 2 were invited to visit the University of Cumbria today and have a session on their balance bikes and two wheeled bikes. No stabilisers were needed as all 6 of our children raced around playing musical statues on their bikes and other fun games.

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Year 4 and the Romans

Image of Year 4 and the Romans

Year 4 extended their learning about the Romans outside the classroom today with a visit to Lancaster City Museum and the Roman bathhouse. They completed a quiz in the museum which made them look closely at the information boards to find the information they needed. At the bathhouse, we imagined…

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Wheelchair basketball

Image of Wheelchair basketball

We were lucky enough to have a go at wheelchair basketball this week. We realised how difficult it was to manoeuvre the wheelchair whilst keeping hold of the ball and trying to get it into the net. We had a lot of fun!

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Who’s Who

Image of Who’s Who

As part of Black History Month, year 5 learnt a poem by Benjamin Zephaniah, ‘Who’s who’ we had a lot of fun learning the actions and working on our performance voices!

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Wheelchair Basketball in Year 4

Image of Wheelchair Basketball in Year 4

What a wonderful session we had this afternoon, playing wheelchair basketball. We discovered how tricky it is to manoeuvre a wheelchair in a small space, especially with a basketball tucked under your chin! And how important it is to use everyone on your team to get the ball across the court. Well…

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Wheelchair Basketball in Year 5

Image of Wheelchair Basketball in Year 5


Year 5 had a great morning; every child had a go at wheelchair basket ball. It was fun, hard, exciting and enthralling! A whole new level playing field for the children and it seemed a great success! Achy arms and happy hearts after a lot of fun was had!

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Black History Day in Year3

Image of Black History Day in Year3

Today, Year Three have been learning about two important figures from history. In the morning we found out all about Mary Seacole who was a nurse in the Crimean War. We thought she was a very brave person. This afternoon we found out about Samuel Taylor-Coleridge who was a British composer. We…

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